ATTN: Report of #SFPD activity at 19th and Kirkham, the OB 28 and 28R may see delays and possible reroute. (More: 17 in last 24hrs)

Ocean Avenue Safety Project

This project is aimed at improving safety, accessibility, and comfort for people walking and biking on Ocean Avenue between Geneva Avenue/Phelan Avenue and San Jose Avenue.  The Project will take the recommendations from the SF Planning Department’s Ocean Avenue Corridor Design as a starting point for discussion and respect the  community input that went into that past planning effort.  The goal of this project will be two-fold.  First will be to develop and implement a set of near-term improvements - cost-effective measures that can be quickly installed to immediately improve safety for people on Ocean Avenue.   Second will be to design and approve a long-term vision for an Ocean Avenue redesign that can be coordinated with other ongoing projects or a future Muni re-rail project.  

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Planning and Conceptual Design
Spring 2019
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Summer 2018 - Winter 2019
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