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Planning and Engineering Internship Program

Project Introduction

The SFMTA Planning and Engineering Internship Program is aimed at students pursuing degrees related to transportation planning and transportation engineering. Interns join teams within the Agency’s Streets, Transit, and Taxis, Access, and Mobility Services (TAMS) divisions to work on projects that help residents and visitors of San Francisco get where they need to be safely and equitably.

Planning and Engineering interns generally work on the following teams:

Planning Teams Engineering Teams
  • Accessible Services
  • Livable Streets
  • Office of Innovation
  • Parking and Curb Management
  • Taxi Services
  • Transit Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Livable Streets
  • Street Use, Developments, and Signals (SUDS)
  • Traffic Routing
  • Transit Engineering

Interns participate in transportation planning and engineering activities including:

  • Designing and implementing transportation safety improvements and multimodal complete streets
  • Performing community outreach and engagement, responding to community requests for transportation improvements
  • Coordinating with other city agencies, contractors and communities on transportation-related projects
  • Field trips and seminars to learn about various teams within the agency
Project Timeline 
December 2021 - February 2022
Application Period
March - April 2022
Candidate Interviews
May – September 2022
Summer Internship
Project Details, History or Features


The Planning and Engineering Internship Program is one of many internship opportunities offered by the City and County of San Francisco. Each summer, the Agency welcomes anywhere from twenty to forty students interested in transportation planning and transportation engineering.

Interns are generally assigned to a planning or engineering role within a team for the duration of the summer. The internship takes place between May and September with varying start dates. To supplement the work experience, the Intern Committee programs content such as weekly field trips and seminars for interns to get a sense of the various aspects of transportation-related work that the Agency does for the people of San Francisco.

In response to COVID-19 protocols, we expect to operate the internship program as a hybrid of remote and in-office work. Due to the need for fieldwork as well as state Disaster Service Worker requirements, interns will be required to be based in the Bay Area for the extent of their internship. This direction is subject to change based on guidance from County public health officials. Interns are also required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment, as are all employees for the City and County of San Francisco. 

Other SFMTA workgroups also welcome interns, including Cable Car, Maintenance of Way and Finance and Information Technology. For more information about the City’s internship opportunities, visit the San Francisco Student Intern Program website


The internship program started in 1989 as a response to the City’s Early Retirement Program, a budget-saving measure resulting in many of the agency’s most senior staff taking advantage and retiring. At that time, the agency made a collective and strategic decision to replenish the staffing through the internship program. Over the past 30 years, the internship program has been immensely successful in fulfilling our workload needs as well as being an effective tool for recruitment and retention. Over 500 emerging professionals have participated in the program, gaining experience as civil servants in transportation engineering and transportation planning in San Francisco. Almost half of our planners and engineers are former interns.

Contact Information
Pallavi Panyam, Internship Committee Co-Chair
Jesse Schofield, Internship Committee Co-Chair