Tenderloin Traffic Signal Upgrades

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Project Introduction

The Tenderloin Traffic Signal Upgrades project includes traffic signal upgrades and left-turn phasing for safer intersections, including larger 12-inch signal heads and mast arms to enhance signal visibility. Project includes pedestrian signal improvements at 11 intersections such as new accessible (audible) pedestrian signals, upgraded curb ramps, upgraded streetlighting, replacement of existing pedestrian signals, and replacement of old infrastructure.

This project is part of the Tenderloin Safety Community Safe Streets project which will additionally deliver protected corners, Golden Gate Greenway, and Community Based Organization-led communication and outreach.

The project was made possible in part by Proposition L Sales Tax dollars provided by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, General Fund Population Growth Proposition B, and a federal Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) grant.

Project Locations

  • Larkin Street and Pine Street
  • Bush Street and Larkin Street
  • Geary Street and Larkin Street
  • Larkin Street and O'Farrell Street
  • Ellis Street and Larkin Street
  • Eddy Street and Larkin Street
  • Larkin Street and Turk Street
  • Golden Gate Avenue and Larkin Street
  • Larkin Street and McAllister Street
  • Polk Street and McAllister Street
  • Golden Gate Avenue and Polk Street
Project Timeline
Spring 2023 - Summer 2025
Solicit Bids from Contractors
Summer 2025 - Winter 2026
Winter 2026 - Summer 2028
Project Status
  1. Detailed Design
  2. Legislated
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Contact Information
Dusson Yeung