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Transit U Improvement Project

Project Introduction

The Transit U encompasses the blocks of 1st and Fremont streets between Mission and Market streets and the intersecting block of Mission Street, which together form a "U" shape that connects Market Street to the Salesforce Transit Center. This project will enhance the streetscape to support high pedestrian and transit volumes in one of the densest parts of San Francisco.

The project proposes:

  • Wider sidewalks along 1st and Fremont streets between Market and Mission streets and the north side of Mission Street between 1st and Fremont streets
  • Corner bulbouts at the intersections of 1st/Market, 1st/Mission, Fremont/Market and Fremont/Mission streets.
  • An enlarged transit boarding island on Fremont Street approaching Market Street
  • Reconfigured travel lanes, commercial and passenger loading zones along 1st and Fremont streets between Market and Mission streets

View detailed diagrams of existing and proposed conditions.

Project Timeline 
Outreach and Planning via the South Downtown Design + Activation Plan
Summer 2021
SFMTA Board of Directors Review
Project Status
Detailed Design
1st Street, Fremont Street, Mission Street
Project Details, History or Features


The Transit U is one of several streetscape projects born from the Transit Center District Plan approved in 2012. Additional outreach, planning, and conceptual design work was completed as part of the South Downtown Design + Activation Plan (Soda) from 2017 to 2019.

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