Transportation 2045

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Project Introduction

In 2013, Mayor Ed Lee convened Transportation Task Force T2030, which brought together community advocates and experts in finance and transportation policy to study the city’s transportation challenges and provide thoughtful recommendations on how to address them and prepare for the future.

Four years later, Mayor Lee and Board of Supervisors President London Breed convened Transportation Task Force 2045 (T2045). Once again, the Task Force brings together transportation, housing and environmental justice advocacy groups; labor and civic organizations; small and large businesses; city and regional transportation agencies; as well as individuals representing various San Francisco neighborhoods.

To ensure a safe, reliable, and affordable transportation system, the Task Force is charged with developing and assessing options for how the City can generate additional revenue and prioritize transportation expenditures, balancing regional and local needs.

Building on the work of T2030, the Transportation Task Force is incorporating aspects of the San Francisco Transportation Plan, Plan Bay Area, and Propositions J and K (previously on the November 2016 ballot) to reflect both the progress we have made in the intervening years as well as the new challenges we face as a city.


  • Identify and prioritize transportation funding needs and gaps in resources
  • Identify potential revenue options to close the gaps

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