Upper Clipper Street Traffic Calming Project

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Project Introduction

Clipper Street will be repaved by San Francisco Public Works in late 2017. In coordination with this effort, the SFMTA has been exploring options to reconfigure the Upper Clipper Street lanes and parking in response to community requests for traffic calming.

After reviewing various design options, community response, and upper Clipper’s safety record, the SFMTA plans to implement traffic safety improvements that keep the center turn lane and retain all existing parking.

Project Status
  1. Completed
Pedestrian Improvements
Bicycle Improvements
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Improved Pavement
Bus Routes and Rail Lines

Clipper Street between Douglass Street and Diamond Heights Boulevard has historically been a multi-lane  arterial street with a 35 MPH speed limit and comparatively high vehicle speeds. In response to resident requests for traffic calming, in 2008 a road diet reduced this section of Clipper from 4 lanes to 3 lanes and added bike lanes.

After the 2008 road diet, the safety record on Clipper improved with only 3 total reported collisions between 2008 and 2014. Community requests to calm traffic have continued and the SFMTA is now proposing the following improvements:

  • Reduce lane widths
  • Discourage the use of the turn lane for illegal passing by limiting access to the center turn lane to eastbound driveway access/egress
  • Installing painted buffers between travel lanes and bike lanes
  • Adding safe hit posts to prevent eastbound motorists from driving in the bike lane below the curve at Grandview   

Project Area

This project will take place on Clipper Street between Douglass Street and Diamond Heights Boulevard.

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