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Upper Haight Transit Improvement & Pedestrian Realm Project

Project Introduction

The project is a partnership between the SFMTA and the SF Public Works to make improvements to the Upper Haight that will enhance the safety and experience of the neighborhood’s character with transportation and street design changes.  The project spans half a mile on Haight Street from Stanyan to Central Ave and includes Muni Forward transit and pedestrain safety improvements, sewer replacement and upgrades, streetscape enhancements, pedestrian scale lighting, tree planting, curb ramps and bulb-outs, bus bulbs, traffic signal installation/replacement, and repaving of Haight Street from Stanyan Street to Central Avenue.  The scope of the work also includes sewer work on Masonic Avenue between Haight and Waller streets.  

Phase I included sewer replacement work.  Phase II that began on June 3, 2019 includes safety and streetscape improvements which is estimated to be complete by Fall 2021.  


  • Broke ground in September 2018, this civic improvement project will bring the Upper Haight (Haight between Stanyan and Central):

  • Sidewalk extensions that provide more sidewalk space, improve safety and shorten crossing distances for people walking; at transit stops provide more space for waiting and speed up boarding; improve visibility for people driving

  • Improved lighting including new pedestrian scale sidewalk lighting

  • New traffic signals

  • Signage for people navigating points of interest, transit and parking

  • Planters that both capture and provide infiltration for storm water runoff, new sidewalk trees and landscaping

  • Informal seating options that provide a place to rest for transit or just take in the sights.

For project updates: 


Project Manager:  Paul Barradas, SF Publc Works, 415.554.8249

Public Affairs:  Alex Murillo, SF Public Works,  415.558.5296 or alex.m.murillo@sfdpw.org



Project Status


Month of January, 2020

  • Crews continue new street light foundation work on Haight Street between Masonic Ave and Ashbury Street.  The phase of pole foundation and conduit work on the block is expeted to be complete on Friday, February 7, 2020. 
  • The contractor also continues light pole foundation work on Haight Street between Cole and Shrader streets. That work is expected to wrap-up midweek. 
  • The contractor is scheduled to perform curb ramp work at the NE corner of the Haight St. and Shrader St. intersection. The work was postponed until this week and is expected to take 3-4 days to complete.
  • On Friday, crews are scheduled to start curb ramp work at the Haight/Cole intersection. That work is expected to take 3-4 days to complete.
  • The contractor is also scheduled to perform street base work on Haight Street between Stanyan and Shrader streets. Crews will saw-cut the roadway to remove any damaged/broken sections of the concrete street base and pour back fresh concrete. Please note, this phase of work may necessitate intermittent traffic detours on to Page Street or Waller Street during work hours. The street base work on the block is anticipated to approximately 5 working days to complete.

Week of January 27, 2020 

  • Crews will continue streetlight pole foundation and conduit work on Haight Street between Masonic and Ashbury. This phase of work is expected to wrap-up next week.
  • The contractor will continue concrete street base work on Haight Street between Stanyan and Shrader streets.
  • The contractor will continue curb ramp installation at the Cole (South) & Haight Street intersection. This work is anticipated to wrap-up mid-week atthe intersection barring any rain delays or unforeseen field conditions.
  • Week of February 03, 2020 The electrical contractor will continue new street light conduit work on Haight Street between Masonic Avenue and Ashbury Street. This work is scheduled to be complete on Friday.

Week of February 10, 2020

  • The contractor is tentatively scheduled to start curb and gutter work on Haight Street between Masonic Avenue and Ashbury streets. More details to follow.
  • Crews are also scheduled to pothole, form, and pour foundations for the new streetlights along the south side of Haight Street between Ashbury and Clayton streets. The street light foundation and conduit work on the block is expected to take approximately 2.5 weeks to complete barring any weather delays or unforeseen field conditions.

During Construction

  • Street parking may be impacted while construction occurs on a block. In some cases, depending on the phase of work, street parking may not be possible on part of the adjacent block as we taper traffic lanes in order to accommodate the necessary work zone. Crews also may detour traffic to allow for a safe work zone. We kindly ask that motorists please plan ahead and allow more travel time during construction hours.
  • Please see the posted "no parking" barricade signs for exact work hours, days, and locations. Parking restrictions may vary per block depending on the scope of work.
  • Bus stops along Haight Street may be temporarily relocated while work occurs on the block. Please see signage at existing bus stop for details on any temporary bus stop relocation.
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