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Vermont Street Road Diet

The Vermont Street Road Diet is an effort initiated by the Potrero Hill Areawide Traffic Calming Plan as a way to address safety on Vermont Street from Mariposa Street to 17th Street. The project is expected to slow traffic traveling along Vermont Street while providing greater predictability for everyone, increasing parking supply, and improving safety at the intersection of Vermont Street and 17th Street.

Project Timeline 
Winter 2018
March 2018
SFMTA Public Hearing
Spring 2018
Current Phase or Stage 
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Vermont Street from Mariposa to 17th Streets is a residential street that also serves as the outlet for the Vermont Street exit (Exit 433A) from northbound Highway 101.  The off-ramp, which is uncontrolled, has one right-hand lane that proceeds straight onto Mariposa Street and one left-turn lane that feeds into two-lanes of traffic on Vermont Street, which becomes a three-lane northbound one-way street with parallel curbside parking on both sides of Vermont Street.

Vermont Street from 19th Street to Division Street is part of the city’s High Injury Network (HIN), on which 75% of severe and fatal collisions occur on just 13% of our City’s streets.  Between 2011 and 2016, there have been two (2) bicycle-related collisions and two (2) motor vehicle-related collisions at the intersection of Vermont Street and 17th Street.


  • Create a "gateway treatment" to differentiate Vermont Street from Highway 101
  • Remove one (1) lane of traffic ffrom Vermont Street
  • Establish 45-degree angled parking on the west side of Vermont Street from 17th Street in front of the Caltrans right of way
  • Install signage and paint marking improvements at the off-ramp* and the Vermont Street/Mariposa Street intersection

There are 14 existing paralell parking spaces, and with the proposed treatment, there would be 23 front-in 45 degree angled parking spaces, resulting in an increase of nine (9) parking spaces. Based on the current volume of traffic on this block, it is not expected that traffic queues would reach the length of the block.

*Note: The off-ramp is completely under the jurisdiction of Caltrans and, therefore, changes at this location are not part of the scope of this project. If Caltrans chooses to make design changes to the Vermont Street off-ramp in the future, the SFMTA would work to ensure that operations on city streets are coordinated with any updates to the off-ramp.

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