2011 City of San Francisco Bicycling Study Report

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The primary goals of this study were to:

  • Provide a picture of bicycling in San Francisco, including what percentage of residents bicycle, how often they bicycle, and who they are;
  • Gain more in‐depth information on bicyclists’ assessment of San Francisco’s biking infrastructure and resources; and
  • Assess what motivates San Francisco residents who do bike, as well as what inhibits San Francisco residents from biking more often.

In order to achieve these goals, the study was carried out in two parts – a telephone study (with a goal of 400 completes) and an intercept study (with a goal of 300 completes), for a total study goal of 700 completed interviews. We exceeded this goal significantly, conducting a total of 1,063 interviews ‐ 424 interviews for the telephone survey, and 639 for the intercept portion.

While most of the same questions were asked in both surveys, the layout and question order were changed in order to best serve each individual survey format.


(130 pages; 1.4 MB)