2017 SFMTA Annual State of Good Repair Report

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State of Good Repair refers to the condition in which the agency’s capital assets are able to operate at a full level of performance. Maintaining a State of Good Repair (SGR) is a fundamental priority in order to provide safe, efficient, and accessible services to San Francisco.

The 2017 San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) State of Good Repair Report is the fifth comprehensive annual report documenting the current state of the agency’s programs, projects and campaigns to maintain its assets in a state of good repair.

Additionally, this version of the state of good repair report supplies opportunities for how SFMTA may further ensure that its practices continue to maintain the agency’s assets in a state of good repair. This report notes where more information and more investment may assist in ensuring that SFMTA makes strategic investments in the right places to provide quality service to the City of San Francisco.

The SFMTA will continue to publish a State of Good Repair Report annually to reflect the agency’s progress in maintaining a State of Good Repair. This 2017 SFMTA State of Good Repair Annual Report gives an overview of the SFMTA and its Asset Management and Capital Planning programs, provides the 2017 State of Good Repair Analysis and Opportunities, and details current State of Good Repair projects, investments and campaigns.