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2019 SFMTA 20 Year Capital Needs Update

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


The SFMTA 20-Year Capital Plan is the first step in the agency’s capital planning process. It is a financially-unconstrained assessment of the SFMTA’s anticipated capital needs for the next twenty years. In this document, funding is not committed to any specific project. Instead, the agency uses this planning effort as an opportunity to identify all capital investments necessary to reach its strategic goals and objectives and to provide an optimal level of service for the City of San Francisco. These investments include the replacement, renewal, improvement, expansion, or acquisition of capital assets. It does not include costs for ongoing operations related to those assets and infrastructure.

The capital needs outlined in this document are identified through the development of several agency strategies, plans, and programs, as well as staff-identified needs to address potential safety issues and comply with city mandates. Inclusion of a project or program in the 20-Year Capital Plan does not guarantee funding or approval of that capital investment. Gathering these capital needs into one document provides a clear and consistent starting point for projects to secure federal, state, regional, and local funding.

After an initial assessment of the 2017 20-Year Capital Plan, the SFMTA’s Planning Division and Budget & Analysis staff determined that the purpose, goals, and needs of the capital planning process remains unchanged from the 2017 effort. Therefore, the agency focused staff resources on the assessment and improvement of the capital programs and the investments listed therein for this cycle, rather than a complete overhaul and development of a new capital plan document.

This memo and capital needs table append the 2017 20-Year Capital Plan document and will inform the development of the 2019 5-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP).