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Accessible text for The SFMTA Budget Process

Thursday, March 19, 2020

This page contains accessible text for the blog post The SFMTA Budget Process.

Graphic #1

Title: Comprehensive Budget Process

  • FY2021-2022 Capital Budget, FY2021-2022 Operating Budget, & FY2021-2025 CIP are approved in July 2020 – the FY2021-2025 CIP runs through June 2025
  • FY2023-2024 Capital Budget, FY2023-2024 Operating Budget, & FY 2023-2027 CIP are approved in July 2022 – the FY2023-2027 CIP runs through June 2027
  • FY2025-2026 Capital Budget, FY2025-2026 Operating Budget, & FY 2025-2029 CIP are approved in July 2024 - the FY2025-2029 CIP runs through June 2029

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Graphic #2

  • Summer 2019 -
    Starting about a year before the final budget is due, SFMTA project staff begin documenting projects and identifying what resources are necessary to meet service goals. City-wide planning initiatives and project-specific community feedback throughout the year informs Agency decisions on which projects & service goals to prioritize.
  • Fall 2019 -
    The Agency’s Budget, Financial Planning, & Analysis (BFPA) staff reviews the various capital and operating proposals to get a bird’s eye view of needs, determines how we are positioned to meet them, and ensures that the proposals are aligned.
  • Winter 2019 -
    SFMTA project staff go through an iterative process to refine capital and operating proposals to ensure they address the City’s needs and the general feedback we’ve received on various projects and initiatives. Additionally, Agency operations are reviewed to identify where costs could be cut without affecting service. Following this process, BFPA creates a draft budget.
  • Winter 2020 -
    Five to six months before final budget approval, the public budget process begins as we present the initial draft to our Board of Directors, Mayor, Supervisors, Community-Based Organizations, advocacy groups, and at public open houses. Agency staff solicit feedback on our proposals, update the budget where feasible, and bring a final version to our Board or Directors to adopt.
  • Spring 2020 -
    Finally, the SFMTA presents the budget to the Mayor by May 1st. The SFMTA’s budget is also subject to the Board of Supervisors approval by June 31st.

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