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Draft Plan: Visitacion Valley & Portola Community Based Transportation Plan

Friday, December 2, 2022


The Visitacion Valley and Portola Community-Based Transportation Draft Plan reflects over two years of SFMTA consultation with the local community to identify community needs, priorities and values for better street safety, access and use, and develop responsive community-driven solutions. It includes 45 projects – $25 million worth of transportation improvements – across Visitacion Valley, Portola, Little Hollywood and Sunnydale that community members have asked for. It also includes policy recommendations for the SFMTA to take in the future to improve mobility, access, and quality of life for residents.

Outreach and Feedback

Thanks to strong local partnerships with Family Connections Centers in Portola and the River of Life Church in Visitacion Valley, we connected with more than 2,000 residents over almost 40 events and collected almost 600 surveys and more than 400 written comments to create the Draft Plan.

SFMTA’s first phase of outreach helped us identify needs, values and the challenges facing community members when using local streets. The second phase of outreach helped us shape and refine potential solutions with lots of local feedback.

Now, in our third phase of outreach, we are asking community members to prioritize which proposed projects the SFMTA should build first.

Our Phase Three survey asks residents to rank the final list of projects in the Draft Plan. Resident input will determine which projects we build first. Follow the links here to take the English survey, Chinese survey, Spanish survey, Filipino survey, and Vietnamese survey.

Next Steps

We are sharing the Draft Plan for public comment through the end of January. In January, we will incorporate collected public input into the Final Plan, which we will then take to the SFMTA Board of Directors for approval in spring 2023.

If you would like us to give a presentation with your community group, please email us at