UPDATE CORRECTION: The OB stop at Park Presidio should not be affected by this repair work. The OB stop at 12th wil https://t.co/1MKL7A7oUt (More: 24 in last 48 hours)

Essential Trip Card (ETC) for Taxi Trips Update 4.17.2020

Friday, April 17, 2020

Dear Taxi Industry members:

We wanted to provide a brief update on the Essential Trip Card program, which was launched yesterday.  The program is designed to help older adults and people with disabilities take and pay for essential trips in taxis during this crisis. There has been considerable interest, we’ve registered 102 riders and counting since yesterday. If you know anyone who is interested, have them call 311. 

  • This program is for essential trips within the Muni service area. Trips must begin and end in San Francisco. 
  • Eligible riders will be issued a debit card by SF Paratransit to pay for taxi trips in the customary way that paratransit riders now use taxis and pay the metered fare.
  • Because this is a temporary program, the debit card will not have the passenger’s picture on it.
  • To minimize physical contact, participating riders do not need to sign their receipt, and you do not need to give them a receipt unless they request it.  You may write “ETC” in the signature line.
  • Per the City of San Francisco’s April 17th Health Directive, participating riders must wear masks or face coverings. 
  • Please be sure to abide by the Cleaning Procedures and Mask Procedures. A video demonstrating proper taxi cleaning procedures can be found here. To the extent possible, and when available, SFMTA will provide color schemes with cleaning kits and masks.  There is a critical shortage of cleaning supplies, gloves and masks.  Please take care to ensure that they are not wasted. 

If you have any questions, please call Taxi Services at 415.701.4400 or email SFTaxi@sfmta.com


Thank you again for helping to make this critical program a success by providing safe and outstanding customer service!