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Fines and Permit Fees

Thursday, December 10, 2020
In order to ensure that scooters are not cluttering the sidewalk and causing an impediment to older adults, people with disabilities and other pedestrians, SFMTA, in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office on Disability, has established clear parking requirements. SFMTA Investigators issue a $100 citation for each improperly parked scooter. Like all entities that are issued citations, Scooter Share permittees are afforded due process and can appeal the citations before a neutral hearing officer.

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Scooter Share Permit Fees

The SFMTA collects three types of Scooter Share permit fees:

  1. Application Fee: Each Scooter Share permit applicant must pay a fee to cover the administrative cost of the application review.
  2. Program Fee: Each Scooter Share permittee must pay a fee to cover the administrative cost of administering the permit program.
  3. Bike Rack Fee: Each Scooter Share permittee must pay $75 per permitted device to help ensure that there are enough bike racks for both bikes and scooters.
Permittee Application Fee Program Fee  Bike Rack Fee* Total
Jump scooter $5,100.32 $36,613 $75,000 $116,713
Lime $5,100.32 $54,920 $75,000 $135,020
Scoot Network $5,100.32 $54,920 $112,500 $135,020
Spin $5,100.32 $54,920 $150,000 $210,020

*$75 per permitted device

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