UPDATE: 14/14R reroutes - IB via 7th to Market to 5th to Mission; OB via 5th to Howard to 7th to Mission. (More: 31 in last 48 hours)

Folsom Street Quick-Build Project - Virtual Public Hearing - Comments Received

Friday, August 14, 2020

Comments and questions received from the public for the Folsom Street Quick-Build Project Virtual Engineering Public Hearing will be posted here for the public to view.

The input received during the week will be responded to and posted on this webpage by 5 pm the following Friday. Check back to see public comments received and responses to questions.

Click Here to View the Virtual Public Hearing Event

If you wish to follow-up on a comment or question received, please email the project team at FolsomQuickBuild@SFMTA.com. Please reference the "Response ID" found in column one of the comment log in your email.