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Percentage of Muni trips with Service Gaps (Archived Metric)

Friday, October 1, 2021

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Objective 2.1.1: Improve transit service


Percentage of Muni trips with service gaps


Tracking and reducing service gaps helps to improve the reliability and attractiveness of Muni as a travel option.


The percentage of Muni service gaps is determined by the number of gaps in headways (time between vehicles) by the number of total headways and is reported system-wide. A gap occurs if a vehicle arrives more than five minutes later than the scheduled headway. 


sum ([number of headways with gaps]) ÷ sum ([number of headways])


Achieve decrease in gaps over FY18 baseline

Reporting Frequency



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The SFMTA has begun using a new vehicle locating system to measure service gaps based on departure times, rather than arrival times as in the previous system. This is consistent with changes to the internal methodology and, among other advantages, allows for better measurement of service gaps as vehicles depart from their origin terminals. The change in methodology will be reflected in the April 2019 data and going forward. Records prior to April 2019 measure the on-time performance of arrivals.

August 2021-Present: 31 Balboa reported data unavailable. 

October 2021-Present is in the process of being finalized.

Reported results are subject to change as data quality improves or new data becomes available.


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