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Quarterly Capital Report

Monday, May 13, 2019

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Quarterly Capital Report (QCR) provides a quarterly status update on the agency's active capital projects. Its purpose is to supply neighbors, advocates, elected officials, and the general public with dynamic and interactive reports that communicate key information about projects taking place in their communities and across San Francisco.

SFMTA's capital projects are designed to improve the safety, reliability, equity, and efficiency of San Francisco’s transportation system for citizens, workers and visitors. SFMTA capital projects are those that maintain or improve city assets or infrastructure, as outlined in the fiscal year 2019-2023 Capital Improvement Program (CIP). They include new construction, expansion, renovation, or replacement of existing infrastructure and facilities.

The CIP is aligned with three overriding policy goals:

  1. Vision Zero
  2. Transit First
  3. State of Good Repair

Dynamic Report Guidance

The interactive reports shown in the pane below provide key information on currently active capital projects. Active capital projects span from development and design to procurement and construction. Any project that has reached the phase of substantial completion will not be listed as active, as members of the public will only see completed infrastructure after this point.

The field "Current Project Phase" indicates where a project is in its lifecycle. For example, a project may be listed as being in the "Detail Design" phase. While during this phase a community observer may not see physical changes to a project site shown in the maps below, work is still being performed.

Each project listed in the interactive reports will have differing levels of reporting detail. Project information is updated on a quarterly basis, and will therefore change. For example, a project may have no accomplishments in the current period, but may have notable accomplishments in the next. The reports are meant to be dynamic, providing a snapshot of activity in the last fiscal year quarter.

SFMTA is constantly working to improve the quality of its public reporting and takes an iterative approach to graphic presentation, design, and data content. Because of this, report formats and data fields may change from period-to-period.

For more information on SFMTA capital project program areas, please reference the fiscal year 2019-2021 CIP. The SFMTA's project site provides additional information on many of the capital projects shown in the reports below.

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