ATTN: There is currently an IB/Eastbound svc gap on the #KIngleside & #MOceanView lines due to earlier #SubwaySvc delays in the Westbound direction. We are working to close this gap as quickly as possible. (More: 10 in last 48 hours)

Scheduled Muni service and ridership recovery

Monday, May 1, 2023

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Scheduled service recovery: Percentage of scheduled service recovered

Ridership recovery: Percentage of ridership (average daily boardings) recovered


Scheduled service recovery: Percentage of scheduled revenue hours relative to January 2020

Ridership recovery: Percentage of ridership (defined as average daily boardings) relative to that same month in 2019


Scheduled service recovery: SUM (Monthly Avg Daily Scheduled Revenue Hours) / SUM (Avg Daily Scheduled Revenue Hours in Jan 2020)

Ridership recovery: SUM (Monthly Avg Daily Boardings) / SUM (Monthly Avg Daily Boardings in 2019)

Reporting Frequency Monthly
Note The dataset is based on automatic passenger counter (APC) data and does not include historic streetcar or cable car ridership. Reported results are subject to change as data quality improves or new data becomes available.