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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

What is the SF STREETS map?

The SF STREETS map is an interactive multi-agency project map of plans, projects and work that take place in the street right of way from three San Francisco City Agencies: Public Works, the Public Utilities, and the Municipal Transportation Agency. The map offers a new, interactive way to learn about work from these three agencies citywide.

What projects are included on the SF STREETS map?

Projects, plans or work led by SFPW, SFPUC or SFMTA in the city of San Francisco. Projects included may be in the planning phase, in construction or implementation, or may be recently completed. Projects that are or will be underway within the next two years are included on the map.

How do I access the SF STREETS Map?

The SF STREETS Map can be accessed from your phone, tablet or computer.

When is a project removed from the SF STREETS Map?

Most projects that are recently completed will remain on the map for at least a year or until the lead agency removes the project from the dataset. In some cases, larger-scale projects may remain on the map longer, for example, Better Market Street.

What is the purpose of the SF STREETS Map?

The SF STREETS Map is intended to help share information about projects led by San Francisco Public Works, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, or the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency with members of the public, and to make it easier to share information with both internal and external stakeholders, such as City staff, various boards or elected officials.

Does this map show traffic conditions or temporary street closures?

While many of the projects shown on the SF STREETS Map may have effects on traffic or street closures, this map is intended to provide a new way to learn about the work being undertaken by SFPW, SFPUC, and the SFMTA, but not to provide up-to-the-minute information about daily traffic conditions. We recommend using one of the many other existing apps that tracks this information.

Will more features be added to the SF STREETS Map?

The SF STREETS Map is continuing to undergo development, and we look forward to evaluating the potential of adding new features in the future.

Are projects from other agencies besides SFPW, SFPUC or the SFMTA included on the SF STREETS Map?

At this time projects featured on the SF STREETS Map are projects led by SFPW, SFPUC or the SFMTA. If an agency has a project in collaboration with one of these three agencies the project should be featured on the map.

I have an idea or a question about the SF STREETS Map. How can I share it?

Since this is a new initiative, we are looking forward to receiving feedback about the functionality of the SF STREETS Map or suggestions for features to develop. Send your suggestions and questions to the SF STREETS development team at ProjectMap@sfmta.com.