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SFMTA Budget - Fiscal Years 2025 & 2026 Community Briefing Presentation

Saturday, March 2, 2024

To establish the two-year budget, SFMTA staff develop a proposed revenue and expenditure plan for the coming two-year cycle for the Operating and Capital Budgets. The SFMTA Board of Directors discusses the budget over the course of numerous board meetings and must approve the budget in time for it to be presented to the Mayor no later than May 1of each even numbered year. The City Charter outlines formulas that determine the level of funding allocated to the SFMTA from the city’s General Fund. If the proposed budget is within the defined funding levels, the Mayor must forward the budget to the Board of Supervisors as proposed. The Board of Supervisors may allow the SFMTA budget to take effect without any action or it may reject the budget.

In order to continue providing the same level of programs and services we provide now – from Muni service to traffic control to street safety improvements – we need to raise $12.7 million in new revenue. This is because costs go up every year with inflation and the cost of living. We are considering increasing Muni fares and parking fees and fines to bridge our budget gap and want to explain our proposals to you and respond to your questions and concerns.