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Shop-a-Round Application Registration Form

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Shop-a-Round is a convenient, low-cost shuttle or taxi that makes it easier to go grocery shopping. You will need to provide proof that you are eligible for the program when submitting your registration form.

Apply Online:

Contact Information

Senior Clipper Card

Senior Clipper Card

10 digit number printed on the back of your Clipper Card.

Register for Clipper Card
Register for Free Muni For Seniors Here
Proof of Age Documentation Necessary
RTC Card

RTC Card

8 digit code printed on the front of your RTC Card.

Register for RTC Card
San Franscisco Paratransit Id

SF Paratransit Id Number

SF Paratransit Services
Proof of Age or Disability

Applying without a Senior Clipper Card, RTC Card, or SF Paratransit Id will take 7-14 days for us to process your request and requires upload of a photocopy or picture of one of the following:
    • Photo Id
      • State Issued ID Card or Driver's License
      • SF City ID Card
      • Birth Certificate
      • Alien Registration/Permanent Resident Card
      • Passport
    • And any one of the following:
      • Medicare card, the federally-issued red, white, and blue card - only for those under 65 years of age. (NOTE: Medi-cal is not accepted for eligibility.)
      • California DMV Placard Registration parking placard receipt.
      • Other California transit agency card that is equivalent to the RTC Card.
      • Proof of Veterans Disability -- A copy of your Service Connected Disability ID card.
Both name and age must be visible in the attached images.
All documents will be deleted from our system once your application is reviewed.

*Uploaded file must be less than 20 MB. File types are restricted to Microsoft Office file type, jpg, png, and pdf.


Requirement Clause
By submitting this form you (1) attest the information provided is true and accurate and (2) understand the SFMTA may conduct audits, and (3) if requested, you will be required to provide documentation proving income level.

Failure to respond will result in termination from the program and/or administrative fines. 


Download and Submit Registration Form: 

Tip: this registration form is fillable, which means that you can type directly onto the document using your computer. Remember to save your changes before you print it or attach it in an email to us. How to submit:

  • Deliver the form by mail or in-person to the SF Paratransit Office (68 12th Street, Suite 100 San Francisco, CA 94103-1297)
  • Fax the form to us at 415.351.3135.
  • E-mail the form to the SF Paratransit Shopping Shuttle Coordinator at