ATTN: Due to police activity on Stanyan b/t Oak & Fulton, delays and reroutes possible on the 5, 5R, 7, & 33 routes. Will update as more information becomes available. (More: 13 in last 48 hours)

Subway Maximum Trains per Hour

Tuesday, April 19, 2022


Dashboard Temporarily Unavailable


Subway Maximum Trains per Hour shows the Muni Metro subway throughput (in number of trains per hour), also measured at Embarcadero station eastbound platform. This metric is an hourly count of the number of in-service trains that arrive at the platform. It is a measure of the subway’s capacity to move people. The more trains per hour, the more people can be moved during the period. Comparing the trains per hour to the other measurements of delay, queuing and travel times helps us understand how much “stress” the frequency of train arrivals puts on the system. Note that this measurement is the actual number of trains arriving at the platform as opposed to scheduled frequency of service. This value fluctuates higher and lower than the number of trains scheduled to arrive at the platform because of bunching and gapping caused by various delays, including variability of travel times on the surface as well as subway delays. The measurement used in this dashboard is the highest number of trains per hour observed during the month within the selected period. This monthly maximum value was used as a reference because many of the adverse congestion impacts in the subway are triggered by the peak crowding conditions (again, like roads).