ATTN: Report of traffic lights out at Geneva and San Jose. Exercise caution through the area. Treat as a four way stop.

Subway Travel Time Variability

Saturday, June 15, 2019

“Slow Trips” are being used to better understand running time variability in the subway and work toward achieving more reliable travel times for Muni Metro riders.  These trips are defined based on an average scheduled travel time for the period in question plus a travel time buffer of four minutes.  The graph below displays the percent of trips in the Muni Metro subway exceeding this threshold in the peak hour and peak direction (inbound in the AM Peak, outbound in the PM peak).  Travel times for K, L, and M trains are measured between West Portal Station and Embarcadero Station, while travel times for J and N trains are measured between Duboce Ave and Church Street and Embarcadero Station.