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TNC Rulemaking: Proceedings SFMTA Comments

Friday, August 4, 2017

SFMTA/SFO Filings - California Public Utilities Commission: TNC Rulemaking R12-12-011

Tab No. Party Description       Date      
1 SFMTA Initial Comments to Order Instituting Rulemaking  Filed on Behalf of the SFMTA 1/28/2013
2 SF Airport Commission Comments to Order Instituting Rulemaking Filed on  Behalf of the San Francisco Airport Commission 1/28/2013
3 SFMTA Reply Comments to Order Instituting Rulemaking  Filed on Behalf of the SFMTA 2/11/2013
4 SF Airport Commission Prehearing Conference Statement – San Francisco Airport Commission 2/13/2013
5 SFMTA Prehearing Conference Statement Filed on Behalf of the SFMTA 2/13/2013
6 SFMTA Workshop Statement 4/3/2013
7 SFMTA and Opening Comments On Issues Identified in the  Scoping Memorandum Filed On Behalf of the  SFMTA And the SF International Airport 6/13/2013
SF International Airport
8 SF Airport Commission San Francisco International Airport’s Comments on Proposed Decision Adopting Rules and Regulations  to Protect Public Safety While Allowing New  Entrants to the Transportation Industry 8/19/2013
9 SFMTA Comments to the Proposed Decision Adopting Rules  and Regulations to Protect Public Safety While Allowing New Entrants to the Transportation  Industry 8/19/2013
10 SFMTA and SF International Airport SFMTA and San Francisco International Airport  Reply Comments Regarding Proposed Decision Adopting Rules and Regulations to Protect Public  Safety While Allowing New Entrants to the Transportation Industry 8/26/2013
11 SF International Airport San Francisco International Airport’s Response to TPAC And Uber Applications for Rehearing of  Decision 13-09-045 Regarding Transportation Network Companies 11/7/2013
12 SFMTA and Comments of City and County of San Francisco in Response to Assigned Commissioner’s March 25, 2014 Ruling Requesting Comment on Proposed Modification to Decision 13-09-045 Adopting Rules  and Regulations to Protect Public Safety While Allowing New Entrants to the Transportation  Industry 4/7/2014
SF International Airport
13 SFMTA and SF International Airport Reply Comments of SFMTA and SF International  Airport in Response to Assigned Commissioner’s  March 25, 2014 Ruling Requesting Comment on  Proposed Modification to Decision 13-09-045  Adopting Rules and Regulations to Protect Public  Safety While Allowing New Entrants to the  Transportation Industry 4/21/2014
14 SFMTA and SF International Airport Comments of San Francisco International Airport and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency in Response to Proposed Decision Modifying Decision 13-09-045 6/30/2014
15 SFMTA and SF International Airport Comments of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency in Response to Assigned Commissioner’s Ruling Regarding Commission’s  Rules for Limousine Operators and Other Charter- Party Carriers 8/15/2014
16 SFMTA and SF International Airport Opening Comments Of San Francisco International  Airport And San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency To Assigned Commissioner And Administrative Law Judge’s Ruling Amending The Scoping Memo And Ruling For Phase Ii Proceeding 5/26/2015
17 SFMTA and SF International Airport Reply Comments of SFO and SFMTA to Assigned  Commissioner and Administrative law Judge’s  Ruling Amending the Scoping Memo and Ruling for  Phase II Proceeding 6/8/2015
18 SFMTA Comments of SFMTA in Response To Assigned Commissioner’s Ruling Instructing Comment On  The Impact of Public Utility Code Section 5401 On Ridesharing Features Offered By Transportation Network Companies 8/21/2015
19 SFMTA Opening Comments of SFO and SFMTA To Assigned Commissioner and Administrative Law Judge’s Ruling Requesting Comment on the  Appropriate Background Check Requirements For  Transportation Network Company Drivers Who Transport Unaccompanied Minors 11/12/2015
20 SFMTA and SF International Airport Reply Comments of SFO and SFMTA to Assigned Commissioner and Administrative Law Judge’s Ruling Requesting Comment on The Appropriate  Background Check Requirements For Transportation Network Company Drivers Who Transport Unaccompanied Minors 11/23/2015
21 SFMTA and SF International Airport Opening Comments of SFO and SFMTA To Proposed Decision On Phase II Issues and Reserving Additional Issues for Resolution in  Phase III 2/16/2016
22 SFMTA and SF International Airport Opening Comments of SFO and SFMTA On The  Concept of Personal Vehicles 7/11/2016
23 SFMTA and SF International Airport Reply Comments of SFO and SFMTA On the  Concept of Personal Vehicles 7/25/2016
24 SFMTA and SF International Airport Opening Comments of SFO and SFMTA To Assigned Commissioner’s Ruling Inviting/Instructing Party Comments On  Background Checks of Prospective  Transportation Network Company Drivers 8/29/2016
25 SFMTA and SF International Airport Reply Comments of SFO and SFMTA To Assigned Commissioner’s Ruling Inviting/Instructing Party Comments On  Background Checks of Prospective  Transportation Network Company Drivers 9/12/2016
26 SFMTA Comments of SFMTA on Proposed Decision For Phase III: Definition of Personal Vehicle 12/5/2016
27 SFMTA Reply Comments of SFMTA on Proposed Decision for Phall III.A: Definition of  Personal Vehicle 12/14/2016
28 SFMTA and SF International Airport Opening Comments Of San Francisco International Airport And The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency To Phase III.B Scoping Memo And Ruling Of Assigned Commissioner Track 1 – Background Check Requirements 3/1/2017
29 SFMTA and SF International Airport Reply Comments Of SFO And SFMTA To Phase III.B Scoping Memo And Ruling Of Assigned Commissioner Track 1 – Background Check Reqs 5/15/2017
30 SFMTA and SF International Airport Reply Comments Of SFO And SFMTA To Phase III.B Scoping Memo And Ruling Of Assigned Commissioner Track2- Uber's Status 6/15/2017
31 SFMTA and SF International Airport Opening Comments Of San Francisco International Airport and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to Phase IILB 7/17/2017
32 SFMTA and SF International Airport Reply Comments of San Francisco International Airport And San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to Phase IILB Scoping 7/31/2017
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