Restoration of Striping Due to Building Construction

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For restoration of striping due to building construction:

  1. Download official striping plans from this webpage:
    1. If no striping record exists (eg alley or residential streets), then there isn’t a record and you have to prepare the drawing or take the measurements off the intersecting/main cross street
  2. Mark up and dimension work area to be restored. Refer to attached samples
  3. Provide photos of work area to be restored
  4. Immediately after paving, restore missing lane lines using temp tape (not paint)
  5. After completion of steps 1-4, SFMTA will prepare cost recovery invoice for SFMTA shops to conduct striping restoration. Allow at least one week for staff to review/prepare invoice.
  6. Upon receipt of payment and no further issues from SFMTA regarding striping or anything else, contractor will be directed to coordinate with SFPW-BSM inspector for final sign-off
    1. Contractor does not have to wait for SFMTA shops to complete striping restoration


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