ATTN: There is currently an IB/Eastbound svc gap on the #KIngleside & #MOceanView lines due to earlier #SubwaySvc delays in the Westbound direction. We are working to close this gap as quickly as possible. (More: 10 in last 48 hours)

23 MONTEREY Inbound to Bayview Weekday Service

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Inbound to BayviewOutbound to SF Zoo
Weekday ServiceWeekday Service
Saturday ServiceSaturday Service
Sunday ServiceSunday Service
23 MONTEREY - Inbound to Bayview - Weekday Service
Table below shows selected stops and planned service.
For a complete stop list, with links to all stops for stop details and real-time vehicle predictions, please visit Stops/Description section of route page.
Sloat Blvd
& 47th Ave
Sloat Blvd
& West Portal Ave
Monterey Blvd
& Gennessee St
Diamond St
& Bosworth St
Mission St
& Murray St
Bayshore Blvd & Cortland AvePalou Ave
& 3rd St
Palou Ave
& 3rd St
------------6:07 am6:15 am
5:58 am6:06 am6:12 am6:17 am6:19 am6:25 am6:33 am6:41 am
6:18 am6:26 am6:32 am6:37 am6:39 am6:45 am6:53 am7:01 am
6:39 am6:47 am6:53 am6:58 am7:00 am7:06 am7:14 am7:22 am
7:00 am7:09 am7:16 am7:21 am7:23 am7:29 am7:37 am7:45 am
7:18 am7:27 am7:34 am7:39 am7:41 am7:47 am7:55 am8:03 am
7:38 am7:47 am7:54 am7:59 am8:01 am8:07 am8:15 am8:23 am
7:58 am8:07 am8:14 am8:19 am8:21 am8:27 am8:35 am8:43 am
8:18 am8:27 am8:34 am8:39 am8:41 am8:47 am8:55 am9:03 am
8:38 am8:47 am8:53 am8:58 am9:00 am9:06 am9:14 am9:22 am
8:58 am9:06 am9:12 am9:17 am9:19 am9:26 am9:34 am9:42 am
9:18 am9:26 am9:32 am9:37 am9:39 am9:46 am9:54 am10:02 am
9:40 am9:48 am9:54 am9:59 am10:01 am10:08 am10:16 am10:24 am
10:00 am10:08 am10:14 am10:19 am10:21 am10:28 am10:36 am10:44 am
10:20 am10:28 am10:34 am10:39 am10:41 am10:48 am10:56 am11:04 am
10:40 am10:48 am10:54 am10:59 am11:01 am11:08 am11:16 am11:24 am
10:59 am11:07 am11:13 am11:18 am11:20 am11:27 am11:35 am11:43 am
11:19 am11:27 am11:33 am11:38 am11:40 am11:47 am11:55 am12:03 pm
11:39 am11:47 am11:53 am11:58 am12:00 pm12:07 pm12:15 pm12:23 pm
11:59 am12:07 pm12:13 pm12:18 pm12:20 pm12:27 pm12:35 pm12:43 pm
12:19 pm12:28 pm12:34 pm12:39 pm12:41 pm12:49 pm12:57 pm1:05 pm
12:39 pm12:48 pm12:54 pm12:59 pm1:01 pm1:09 pm1:17 pm1:25 pm
12:59 pm1:08 pm1:14 pm1:19 pm1:21 pm1:29 pm1:37 pm1:45 pm
1:19 pm1:28 pm1:34 pm1:40 pm1:43 pm1:51 pm1:59 pm2:07 pm
1:40 pm1:49 pm1:55 pm2:01 pm2:04 pm2:12 pm2:20 pm2:28 pm
2:00 pm2:10 pm2:16 pm2:22 pm2:25 pm2:33 pm2:41 pm2:50 pm
2:19 pm2:29 pm2:35 pm2:41 pm2:44 pm2:52 pm3:00 pm3:09 pm
2:39 pm2:49 pm2:55 pm3:01 pm3:04 pm3:12 pm3:20 pm3:29 pm
2:58 pm3:08 pm3:14 pm3:20 pm3:23 pm3:31 pm3:39 pm3:48 pm
3:17 pm3:28 pm3:34 pm3:40 pm3:43 pm3:51 pm4:00 pm4:09 pm
3:37 pm3:48 pm3:54 pm4:00 pm4:03 pm4:11 pm4:20 pm4:29 pm
3:57 pm4:08 pm4:14 pm4:20 pm4:23 pm4:31 pm4:40 pm4:49 pm
4:17 pm4:27 pm4:33 pm4:39 pm4:42 pm4:50 pm4:59 pm5:08 pm
4:39 pm4:49 pm4:55 pm5:01 pm5:04 pm5:12 pm5:21 pm5:30 pm
4:59 pm5:09 pm5:15 pm5:21 pm5:24 pm5:32 pm5:41 pm5:50 pm
5:20 pm5:29 pm5:35 pm5:41 pm5:44 pm5:52 pm6:01 pm6:10 pm
5:40 pm5:49 pm5:55 pm6:01 pm6:04 pm6:12 pm6:21 pm6:30 pm
6:00 pm6:08 pm6:14 pm6:19 pm6:22 pm6:30 pm6:39 pm6:48 pm
6:20 pm6:28 pm6:34 pm6:39 pm6:42 pm6:49 pm6:57 pm7:05 pm
6:40 pm6:48 pm6:54 pm6:59 pm7:02 pm7:08 pm7:16 pm7:24 pm
7:07 pm7:15 pm7:21 pm7:26 pm7:29 pm7:35 pm7:43 pm7:51 pm
7:37 pm7:45 pm7:51 pm7:56 pm7:59 pm8:05 pm8:13 pm8:20 pm
8:06 pm8:14 pm8:20 pm8:25 pm8:28 pm8:34 pm8:42 pm8:49 pm
8:35 pm8:43 pm8:49 pm8:54 pm8:57 pm9:03 pm9:11 pm9:18 pm
9:05 pm9:13 pm9:19 pm9:24 pm9:27 pm9:33 pm9:41 pm9:48 pm
9:34 pm9:42 pm9:48 pm9:53 pm9:56 pm10:02 pm10:10 pm10:17 pm
10:04 pm10:12 pm10:18 pm10:23 pm10:26 pm10:32 pm10:40 pm10:47 pm