UPDATE: Maintenance personnel on scene have determined that the issue is with the overhead wire itself not the pantograph. Expect IB/OB #KIngleside to route over the #MOceanView Line with bus shuttles providing K Line svc. (More: 19 in last 48 hours)

28 19TH AVENUE Outbound to Daly City BART Saturday Service

Inbound to Fisherman's WharfOutbound to Daly City BART
Weekday ServiceWeekday Service
Saturday Service Saturday Service
Sunday ServiceSunday Service
28 19TH AVENUE - Outbound to Daly City BART - Saturday Service
Table below shows selected stops and planned service.
For a complete stop list, with links to all stops for stop details and real-time vehicle predictions, please visit Stops/Description section of route page.
Powell St
& Beach St
Van Ness Ave
& North Point St
Lombard St
& Fillmore St
Golden Gate Br Tunnel /
merchant Rd
19th Ave
& Lincoln Way
19th Ave
& Sloat Blvd
19th Ave
& Holloway Ave
Daly City Bart Parking Lot E
5:01 am5:05 am5:10 am5:16 am5:25 am5:34 am5:37 am5:42 am
5:20 am5:24 am5:29 am5:35 am5:44 am5:53 am5:56 am6:01 am
5:41 am5:45 am5:50 am5:56 am6:05 am6:14 am6:17 am6:22 am
6:01 am6:06 am6:11 am6:17 am6:26 am6:35 am6:38 am6:43 am
6:15 am6:20 am6:25 am6:31 am6:40 am6:49 am6:52 am6:57 am
6:30 am6:35 am6:40 am6:46 am6:55 am7:04 am7:07 am7:12 am
6:45 am6:50 am6:55 am7:01 am7:10 am7:19 am7:22 am7:27 am
7:00 am7:05 am7:10 am7:16 am7:26 am7:35 am7:38 am7:43 am
7:15 am7:20 am7:25 am7:32 am7:42 am7:52 am7:55 am8:00 am
7:30 am7:35 am7:40 am7:47 am7:57 am8:07 am8:10 am8:15 am
7:45 am7:51 am7:56 am8:03 am8:13 am8:23 am8:26 am8:31 am
8:00 am8:06 am8:11 am8:18 am8:29 am8:39 am8:43 am8:48 am
8:12 am8:18 am8:23 am8:30 am8:41 am8:51 am8:55 am9:00 am
8:24 am8:30 am8:36 am8:43 am8:54 am9:04 am9:08 am9:13 am
8:36 am8:42 am8:48 am8:56 am9:07 am9:17 am9:21 am9:26 am
8:48 am8:54 am9:00 am9:08 am9:19 am9:30 am9:34 am9:39 am
9:00 am9:06 am9:12 am9:20 am9:32 am9:43 am9:47 am9:52 am
9:12 am9:18 am9:24 am9:32 am9:44 am9:55 am9:59 am10:04 am
9:24 am9:31 am9:37 am9:45 am9:57 am10:08 am10:13 am10:18 am
9:36 am9:43 am9:49 am9:58 am10:10 am10:22 am10:27 am10:32 am
9:48 am9:55 am10:01 am10:10 am10:22 am10:34 am10:39 am10:44 am
10:00 am10:07 am10:13 am10:24 am10:36 am10:48 am10:53 am10:58 am
10:12 am10:19 am10:25 am10:36 am10:48 am11:00 am11:05 am11:10 am
10:24 am10:31 am10:37 am10:48 am11:00 am11:12 am11:17 am11:22 am
10:36 am10:43 am10:49 am11:00 am11:13 am11:25 am11:30 am11:35 am
10:48 am10:55 am11:01 am11:12 am11:25 am11:37 am11:42 am11:47 am
11:00 am11:08 am11:14 am11:25 am11:38 am11:50 am11:56 am12:01 pm
11:12 am11:20 am11:26 am11:37 am11:50 am12:02 pm12:08 pm12:13 pm
11:24 am11:32 am11:38 am11:49 am12:02 pm12:14 pm12:20 pm12:25 pm
11:36 am11:44 am11:50 am12:02 pm12:15 pm12:27 pm12:33 pm12:38 pm
11:48 am11:56 am12:02 pm12:14 pm12:27 pm12:39 pm12:45 pm12:50 pm
12:00 pm12:08 pm12:14 pm12:26 pm12:40 pm12:53 pm12:59 pm1:04 pm
12:12 pm12:20 pm12:26 pm12:38 pm12:52 pm1:05 pm1:11 pm1:16 pm
12:24 pm12:32 pm12:38 pm12:50 pm1:04 pm1:17 pm1:23 pm1:28 pm
12:36 pm12:44 pm12:50 pm1:02 pm1:17 pm1:30 pm1:36 pm1:41 pm
12:48 pm12:56 pm1:02 pm1:14 pm1:29 pm1:42 pm1:48 pm1:53 pm
1:00 pm1:08 pm1:14 pm1:28 pm1:43 pm1:56 pm2:02 pm2:07 pm
1:12 pm1:20 pm1:26 pm1:40 pm1:55 pm2:08 pm2:14 pm2:19 pm
1:24 pm1:32 pm1:38 pm1:52 pm2:07 pm2:20 pm2:26 pm2:31 pm
1:36 pm1:44 pm1:50 pm2:04 pm2:19 pm2:32 pm2:38 pm2:44 pm
1:48 pm1:56 pm2:02 pm2:16 pm2:31 pm2:44 pm2:50 pm2:56 pm
2:00 pm2:08 pm2:14 pm2:28 pm2:44 pm2:57 pm3:03 pm3:09 pm
2:12 pm2:20 pm2:26 pm2:40 pm2:56 pm3:09 pm3:15 pm3:21 pm
2:24 pm2:32 pm2:38 pm2:52 pm3:08 pm3:21 pm3:27 pm3:33 pm
2:35 pm2:43 pm2:50 pm3:04 pm3:20 pm3:33 pm3:39 pm3:45 pm
2:46 pm2:54 pm3:01 pm3:15 pm3:31 pm3:44 pm3:50 pm3:56 pm
2:57 pm3:05 pm3:12 pm3:26 pm3:42 pm3:55 pm4:01 pm4:07 pm
3:08 pm3:16 pm3:23 pm3:37 pm3:54 pm4:07 pm4:13 pm4:19 pm
3:19 pm3:27 pm3:34 pm3:48 pm4:05 pm4:18 pm4:24 pm4:30 pm
3:31 pm3:39 pm3:46 pm4:00 pm4:17 pm4:30 pm4:36 pm4:42 pm
3:43 pm3:51 pm3:58 pm4:12 pm4:29 pm4:42 pm4:48 pm4:54 pm
3:55 pm4:03 pm4:10 pm4:24 pm4:41 pm4:54 pm5:00 pm5:06 pm
4:07 pm4:15 pm4:22 pm4:36 pm4:54 pm5:07 pm5:13 pm5:19 pm
4:19 pm4:27 pm4:34 pm4:48 pm5:07 pm5:20 pm5:26 pm5:32 pm
4:31 pm4:39 pm4:46 pm5:00 pm5:19 pm5:32 pm5:38 pm5:44 pm
4:43 pm4:51 pm4:58 pm5:12 pm5:31 pm5:44 pm5:50 pm5:56 pm
4:55 pm5:03 pm5:10 pm5:24 pm5:43 pm5:56 pm6:02 pm6:08 pm
5:07 pm5:16 pm5:23 pm5:36 pm5:55 pm6:08 pm6:14 pm6:20 pm
5:19 pm5:28 pm5:35 pm5:48 pm6:07 pm6:20 pm6:26 pm6:32 pm
5:31 pm5:40 pm5:47 pm5:59 pm6:18 pm6:31 pm6:37 pm6:43 pm
5:43 pm5:52 pm5:59 pm6:11 pm6:30 pm6:43 pm6:49 pm6:55 pm
5:55 pm6:04 pm6:11 pm6:23 pm6:41 pm6:53 pm6:59 pm7:05 pm
6:07 pm6:16 pm6:22 pm6:34 pm6:52 pm7:04 pm7:10 pm7:16 pm
6:19 pm6:27 pm6:33 pm6:45 pm7:02 pm7:14 pm7:20 pm7:25 pm
6:32 pm6:40 pm6:46 pm6:58 pm7:14 pm7:26 pm7:31 pm7:36 pm
6:47 pm6:55 pm7:01 pm7:13 pm7:28 pm7:39 pm7:44 pm7:49 pm
7:02 pm7:09 pm7:15 pm7:26 pm7:40 pm7:51 pm7:56 pm8:01 pm
7:17 pm7:23 pm7:29 pm7:39 pm7:52 pm8:03 pm8:08 pm8:13 pm
7:32 pm7:38 pm7:44 pm7:53 pm8:05 pm8:15 pm8:20 pm8:25 pm
7:47 pm7:53 pm7:59 pm8:08 pm8:20 pm8:30 pm8:35 pm8:40 pm
8:02 pm8:08 pm8:14 pm8:22 pm8:34 pm8:44 pm8:48 pm8:53 pm
8:19 pm8:25 pm8:31 pm8:39 pm8:51 pm9:01 pm9:05 pm9:10 pm
8:36 pm8:42 pm8:48 pm8:56 pm9:08 pm9:18 pm9:22 pm9:27 pm
8:53 pm8:59 pm9:05 pm9:13 pm9:25 pm9:35 pm9:39 pm9:44 pm
9:12 pm9:18 pm9:24 pm9:32 pm9:42 pm9:52 pm9:56 pm10:01 pm
9:28 pm9:34 pm9:40 pm9:48 pm9:58 pm10:08 pm10:12 pm10:17 pm
9:44 pm9:50 pm9:56 pm10:04 pm10:14 pm10:24 pm10:28 pm10:33 pm
10:01 pm10:07 pm10:13 pm10:20 pm10:30 pm10:40 pm10:44 pm10:49 pm
10:21 pm10:27 pm10:33 pm10:40 pm10:50 pm11:00 pm11:04 pm11:09 pm
10:41 pm10:47 pm10:53 pm11:00 pm11:10 pm11:20 pm11:24 pm11:29 pm
11:01 pm11:07 pm11:13 pm11:20 pm11:30 pm11:40 pm11:44 pm11:49 pm
11:21 pm11:27 pm11:33 pm11:40 pm11:50 pm12:00 am12:04 am12:09 am
11:41 pm11:47 pm11:53 pm12:00 am12:10 am12:20 am12:24 am12:29 am
12:01 am12:07 am12:13 am12:20 am12:30 am12:40 am12:44 am12:49 am