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52 EXCELSIOR Inbound to Inner Sunset via Forest Hill Sunday Service

Inbound to Inner Sunset via Forest HillOutbound to The Excelsior via Forest Hill
Weekday ServiceWeekday Service
Saturday ServiceSaturday Service
Sunday ServiceSunday Service
Independence Day, July 4, 2022Independence Day, July 4, 2022
52 EXCELSIOR - Inbound to Inner Sunset via Forest Hill - Sunday Service
Table below shows selected stops and planned service.
For a complete stop list, with links to all stops for stop details and real-time vehicle predictions, please visit Stops/Description section of route page.
Dublin St
& La Grande Ave
Mission St
& Excelsior Ave
Bosworth St
& Diamond St
Diamond Heights Blvd
& Gold Mine Dr
Laguna Honda Blvd /
opp Forest Hill
9th Ave
& Judah St
14th Ave
& Quintara St
8:00 am8:06 am8:10 am8:16 am8:24 am8:28 am8:35 am
8:31 am8:37 am8:41 am8:47 am8:55 am8:59 am9:06 am
9:01 am9:07 am9:11 am9:17 am9:25 am9:29 am9:36 am
9:31 am9:37 am9:41 am9:47 am9:55 am9:59 am10:06 am
10:01 am10:07 am10:11 am10:17 am10:25 am10:29 am10:36 am
10:31 am10:37 am10:41 am10:47 am10:55 am10:59 am11:06 am
11:01 am11:07 am11:11 am11:17 am11:25 am11:29 am11:36 am
11:31 am11:37 am11:41 am11:47 am11:55 am11:59 am12:06 pm
12:01 pm12:07 pm12:11 pm12:17 pm12:25 pm12:29 pm12:36 pm
12:31 pm12:37 pm12:41 pm12:47 pm12:55 pm12:59 pm1:06 pm
1:03 pm1:09 pm1:13 pm1:19 pm1:27 pm1:31 pm1:38 pm
1:33 pm1:39 pm1:43 pm1:49 pm1:57 pm2:01 pm2:08 pm
2:03 pm2:09 pm2:13 pm2:19 pm2:27 pm2:31 pm2:38 pm
2:35 pm2:42 pm2:47 pm2:53 pm3:01 pm3:05 pm3:12 pm
3:05 pm3:12 pm3:17 pm3:23 pm3:31 pm3:35 pm3:42 pm
3:35 pm3:42 pm3:47 pm3:53 pm4:01 pm4:05 pm4:12 pm
4:05 pm4:12 pm4:17 pm4:23 pm4:31 pm4:35 pm4:42 pm
4:35 pm4:42 pm4:47 pm4:53 pm5:01 pm5:05 pm5:12 pm
5:05 pm5:12 pm5:17 pm5:23 pm5:31 pm5:35 pm5:42 pm
5:35 pm5:42 pm5:47 pm5:53 pm6:01 pm6:05 pm6:12 pm
6:03 pm6:09 pm6:13 pm6:19 pm6:26 pm6:30 pm6:37 pm
6:33 pm6:39 pm6:43 pm6:49 pm6:56 pm7:00 pm7:07 pm
7:02 pm7:08 pm7:12 pm7:18 pm7:25 pm7:29 pm7:36 pm
7:32 pm7:36 pm7:40 pm7:45 pm7:52 pm7:56 pm8:03 pm
8:02 pm8:06 pm8:10 pm8:15 pm8:22 pm8:26 pm8:33 pm
8:32 pm8:36 pm8:40 pm8:45 pm8:52 pm8:56 pm9:03 pm
9:02 pm9:06 pm9:10 pm9:15 pm9:22 pm9:26 pm9:33 pm
9:32 pm9:36 pm9:40 pm9:45 pm9:52 pm9:56 pm10:03 pm
10:02 pm10:06 pm10:10 pm10:15 pm10:22 pm10:26 pm10:33 pm