FINAL UPDATE: Disabled train has been removed from service and cleared from Castro Station. We are resuming Eastbound #SubwaySvc. Residual svc gaps possible as we work to balance svc. Bus shuttles will remain in place btwn West Portal & Van Ness temporarily to assist. (More: 26 in last 48 hours)

LBUS TARAVAL BUS Westbound to SF Zoo Weekday Service

Eastbound to West Portal or EmbarcaderoWestbound to SF Zoo
Weekday Service Weekday Service
Saturday ServiceSaturday Service
Sunday ServiceSunday Service
LBUS TARAVAL BUS - Westbound to SF Zoo - Weekday Service
Table below shows selected stops and planned service.
For a complete stop list, with links to all stops for stop details and real-time vehicle predictions, please visit Stops/Description section of route page.
Market St
& 17th St
Market St
& Van Ness Ave
Steuart St
& Mission St
Ulloa St
& Lenox Way
Taraval St
& Sunset Blvd
Wawona /
46th Ave /sf Zoo
------6:00 am6:13 am6:18 am
------6:16 am6:29 am6:34 am
------6:28 am6:41 am6:46 am
------6:40 am6:53 am6:58 am
------6:52 am7:05 am7:10 am
------7:02 am7:15 am7:20 am
------7:12 am7:25 am7:30 am
------7:20 am7:33 am7:38 am
------7:28 am7:41 am7:46 am
------7:36 am7:49 am7:54 am
------7:44 am7:57 am8:02 am
------7:52 am8:05 am8:10 am
------8:00 am8:13 am8:18 am
------8:08 am8:21 am8:26 am
------8:16 am8:29 am8:34 am
------8:24 am8:37 am8:42 am
------8:32 am8:45 am8:50 am
------8:40 am8:53 am8:58 am
------8:48 am9:01 am9:06 am
------8:56 am9:09 am9:14 am
------9:04 am9:17 am9:22 am
------9:12 am9:25 am9:30 am
------9:20 am9:33 am9:38 am
------9:28 am9:41 am9:46 am
------9:36 am9:49 am9:54 am
------9:44 am9:57 am10:02 am
------9:52 am10:05 am10:10 am
------10:00 am10:13 am10:18 am
------10:08 am10:21 am10:26 am
------10:16 am10:29 am10:34 am
------10:24 am10:37 am10:42 am
------10:32 am10:45 am10:50 am
------10:40 am10:53 am10:58 am
10:30 am10:21 am10:04 am10:44 am10:57 am11:02 am
------10:48 am11:01 am11:06 am
------10:56 am11:09 am11:14 am
------11:04 am11:17 am11:22 am
------11:12 am11:25 am11:30 am
------11:20 am11:33 am11:38 am
------11:28 am11:41 am11:46 am
11:18 am11:09 am10:52 am11:32 am11:45 am11:50 am
------11:36 am11:49 am11:54 am
------11:44 am11:57 am12:02 pm
------11:52 am12:05 pm12:10 pm
------12:00 pm12:13 pm12:18 pm
------12:08 pm12:21 pm12:26 pm
------12:16 pm12:29 pm12:34 pm
12:06 pm11:57 am11:40 am12:20 pm12:33 pm12:38 pm
------12:24 pm12:37 pm12:42 pm
------12:32 pm12:45 pm12:50 pm
------12:40 pm12:53 pm12:58 pm
------12:48 pm1:01 pm1:06 pm
------12:56 pm1:09 pm1:14 pm
------1:04 pm1:17 pm1:22 pm
12:54 pm12:45 pm12:28 pm1:08 pm1:21 pm1:26 pm
------1:12 pm1:25 pm1:30 pm
------1:20 pm1:33 pm1:38 pm
------1:28 pm1:41 pm1:46 pm
------1:36 pm1:49 pm1:54 pm
------1:44 pm1:57 pm2:02 pm
------1:52 pm2:05 pm2:10 pm
1:42 pm1:33 pm1:16 pm1:56 pm2:09 pm2:14 pm
------2:00 pm2:13 pm2:18 pm
------2:08 pm2:21 pm2:26 pm
------2:16 pm2:29 pm2:34 pm
------2:24 pm2:37 pm2:42 pm
------2:32 pm2:45 pm2:50 pm
------2:40 pm2:53 pm2:58 pm
------2:48 pm3:01 pm3:06 pm
2:38 pm2:29 pm2:12 pm2:52 pm3:05 pm3:10 pm
------2:56 pm3:09 pm3:14 pm
------3:04 pm3:17 pm3:22 pm
------3:12 pm3:25 pm3:30 pm
------3:20 pm3:33 pm3:38 pm
------3:28 pm3:41 pm3:46 pm
------3:36 pm3:49 pm3:54 pm
3:26 pm3:17 pm3:00 pm3:40 pm3:53 pm3:58 pm
------3:44 pm3:57 pm4:02 pm
------3:52 pm4:05 pm4:10 pm
------4:00 pm4:13 pm4:18 pm
------4:08 pm4:21 pm4:26 pm
------4:16 pm4:29 pm4:34 pm
------4:24 pm4:37 pm4:42 pm
4:14 pm4:05 pm3:48 pm4:28 pm4:41 pm4:46 pm
------4:32 pm4:45 pm4:50 pm
------4:40 pm4:53 pm4:58 pm
------4:48 pm5:01 pm5:06 pm
------4:56 pm5:09 pm5:14 pm
------5:04 pm5:17 pm5:22 pm
------5:12 pm5:25 pm5:30 pm
------5:20 pm5:33 pm5:38 pm
5:10 pm5:01 pm4:44 pm5:24 pm5:37 pm5:42 pm
------5:28 pm5:41 pm5:46 pm
------5:36 pm5:49 pm5:54 pm
------5:44 pm5:57 pm6:02 pm
------5:52 pm6:05 pm6:10 pm
------6:00 pm6:13 pm6:18 pm
------6:08 pm6:21 pm6:26 pm
5:58 pm5:49 pm5:32 pm6:12 pm6:25 pm6:30 pm
------6:16 pm6:29 pm6:34 pm
------6:24 pm6:37 pm6:42 pm
------6:32 pm6:45 pm6:50 pm
------6:40 pm6:53 pm6:58 pm
------6:48 pm7:01 pm7:06 pm
------6:56 pm7:09 pm7:14 pm
------7:04 pm7:17 pm7:22 pm
------7:12 pm7:25 pm7:30 pm
------7:20 pm7:33 pm7:38 pm
------7:28 pm7:41 pm7:46 pm
------7:36 pm7:49 pm7:54 pm
------7:44 pm7:57 pm8:02 pm
------7:52 pm8:05 pm8:10 pm
------8:00 pm8:13 pm8:18 pm
------8:08 pm8:21 pm8:26 pm
------8:16 pm8:29 pm8:34 pm
------8:25 pm8:38 pm8:43 pm
------8:37 pm8:50 pm8:55 pm
------8:50 pm9:02 pm9:07 pm
------9:01 pm9:13 pm9:18 pm
------9:15 pm9:27 pm9:32 pm
------9:30 pm9:42 pm9:47 pm
------9:45 pm9:57 pm10:02 pm
------10:00 pm10:11 pm10:16 pm
------10:20 pm10:31 pm10:36 pm
------10:30 pm10:41 pm10:46 pm