ATTN: IB 29 blocked on Gilman btwn Hawes and Bill Walsh Way due to heavy vehicle traffic. Expect 29 to reroute via Hawes to Gilman. No 29 svc btwn Hawes and Bill Walsh Way. (More: 9 in last 48 hours)

M OCEAN VIEW Eastbound to Downtown Sunday Service

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Eastbound to DowntownWestbound to Balboa Park
Weekday ServiceWeekday Service
Saturday ServiceSaturday Service
Sunday ServiceSunday Service
M OCEAN VIEW - Eastbound to Downtown - Sunday Service
Table below shows selected stops and planned service.
For a complete stop list, with links to all stops for stop details and real-time vehicle predictions, please visit Stops/Description section of route page.
Balboa Park Bart /
mezzanine Level
San Jose Ave
& Geneva Ave
San Jose Ave
& Geneva Ave
Broad St & Plymouth Ave19th Ave
& Holloway Ave
West Portal /
sloat/st Francis Circle
West Portal StationMetro Castro Station /
Metro Van Ness StationMetro Embarcadero StationThe Embarcadero
& Folsom St
4:57 am--5:01 am5:05 am5:14 am5:20 am----------
5:17 am--5:21 am5:25 am5:34 am5:40 am----------
5:37 am--5:41 am5:45 am5:54 am6:00 am----------
--6:00 am6:01 am6:05 am6:14 am6:20 am----------
--6:15 am6:16 am6:20 am6:29 am6:35 am----------
6:27 am--6:31 am6:35 am6:44 am6:50 am----------
--6:45 am6:46 am6:50 am6:59 am7:05 am----------
--7:00 am7:01 am7:05 am7:14 am7:20 am----------
--7:15 am7:16 am7:20 am7:29 am7:35 am----------
--7:30 am7:31 am7:35 am7:44 am7:50 am----------
--7:44 am7:45 am7:49 am7:58 am8:04 am8:08 am8:15 am8:18 am8:23 am--
7:53 am--7:57 am8:01 am8:10 am8:16 am8:20 am8:27 am8:30 am8:35 am--
--8:07 am8:09 am8:13 am8:22 am8:28 am8:32 am8:39 am8:42 am8:47 am--
--8:19 am8:21 am8:25 am8:34 am8:40 am8:44 am8:51 am8:54 am8:59 am--
8:28 am--8:32 am8:36 am8:45 am8:52 am8:56 am9:03 am9:06 am9:11 am--
--8:42 am8:44 am8:48 am8:57 am9:04 am9:08 am9:15 am9:18 am9:23 am--
--8:54 am8:56 am9:00 am9:09 am9:16 am9:20 am9:27 am9:30 am9:35 am--
--9:05 am9:07 am9:11 am9:20 am9:27 am9:32 am9:39 am9:42 am9:47 am--
--9:18 am9:20 am9:24 am9:33 am9:40 am9:45 am9:52 am9:55 am10:00 am--
--9:30 am9:32 am9:36 am9:45 am9:52 am9:57 am10:04 am10:07 am10:12 am--
--9:42 am9:44 am9:48 am9:57 am10:04 am10:09 am10:16 am10:19 am10:24 am--
--9:54 am9:56 am10:00 am10:09 am10:16 am10:21 am10:28 am10:31 am10:36 am--
--10:06 am10:08 am10:12 am10:21 am10:28 am10:33 am10:40 am10:43 am10:48 am--
--10:18 am10:20 am10:24 am10:33 am10:40 am10:45 am10:52 am10:55 am11:00 am--
--10:30 am10:32 am10:36 am10:45 am10:52 am10:57 am11:04 am11:07 am11:12 am--
--10:42 am10:44 am10:48 am10:57 am11:04 am11:09 am11:16 am11:19 am11:24 am--
--10:54 am10:56 am11:00 am11:09 am11:16 am11:21 am11:28 am11:31 am11:36 am--
--11:06 am11:08 am11:12 am11:21 am11:28 am11:33 am11:40 am11:43 am11:48 am--
--11:18 am11:20 am11:24 am11:33 am11:40 am11:45 am11:52 am11:55 am12:00 pm--
--11:30 am11:32 am11:36 am11:45 am11:52 am11:57 am12:04 pm12:07 pm12:12 pm--
--11:42 am11:44 am11:48 am11:57 am12:04 pm12:09 pm12:16 pm12:19 pm12:24 pm--
--11:54 am11:56 am12:00 pm12:09 pm12:16 pm12:21 pm12:28 pm12:31 pm12:36 pm--
--12:06 pm12:08 pm12:12 pm12:21 pm12:28 pm12:33 pm12:40 pm12:43 pm12:48 pm--
--12:18 pm12:20 pm12:24 pm12:33 pm12:40 pm12:45 pm12:52 pm12:55 pm1:00 pm--
--12:30 pm12:32 pm12:36 pm12:45 pm12:52 pm12:57 pm1:04 pm1:07 pm1:12 pm--
--12:42 pm12:44 pm12:48 pm12:57 pm1:04 pm1:09 pm1:16 pm1:19 pm1:24 pm--
--12:54 pm12:56 pm1:00 pm1:09 pm1:16 pm1:21 pm1:28 pm1:31 pm1:36 pm--
--1:06 pm1:08 pm1:12 pm1:21 pm1:28 pm1:33 pm1:40 pm1:43 pm1:48 pm--
--1:18 pm1:20 pm1:24 pm1:33 pm1:40 pm1:45 pm1:52 pm1:55 pm2:00 pm--
--1:30 pm1:32 pm1:36 pm1:45 pm1:52 pm1:57 pm2:04 pm2:07 pm2:12 pm--
--1:42 pm1:44 pm1:48 pm1:57 pm2:04 pm2:09 pm2:16 pm2:19 pm2:24 pm--
--1:54 pm1:56 pm2:00 pm2:09 pm2:16 pm2:21 pm2:28 pm2:31 pm2:36 pm--
--2:07 pm2:09 pm2:13 pm2:22 pm2:29 pm2:34 pm2:41 pm2:44 pm2:49 pm--
--2:19 pm2:21 pm2:25 pm2:34 pm2:41 pm2:46 pm2:53 pm2:56 pm3:01 pm--
--2:31 pm2:33 pm2:37 pm2:46 pm2:53 pm2:58 pm3:05 pm3:08 pm3:13 pm--
--2:43 pm2:45 pm2:49 pm2:58 pm3:05 pm3:10 pm3:17 pm3:20 pm3:25 pm--
--2:55 pm2:57 pm3:01 pm3:10 pm3:17 pm3:22 pm3:29 pm3:32 pm3:37 pm--
--3:07 pm3:09 pm3:13 pm3:23 pm3:30 pm3:35 pm3:42 pm3:45 pm3:50 pm--
--3:19 pm3:21 pm3:25 pm3:35 pm3:42 pm3:47 pm3:54 pm3:57 pm4:02 pm--
--3:31 pm3:33 pm3:37 pm3:47 pm3:54 pm3:59 pm4:06 pm4:09 pm4:14 pm--
--3:43 pm3:45 pm3:49 pm3:59 pm4:06 pm4:11 pm4:18 pm4:21 pm4:26 pm--
--3:55 pm3:57 pm4:01 pm4:11 pm4:18 pm4:23 pm4:30 pm4:33 pm4:38 pm--
--4:07 pm4:09 pm4:13 pm4:23 pm4:30 pm4:35 pm4:42 pm4:45 pm4:50 pm--
--4:19 pm4:21 pm4:25 pm4:35 pm4:42 pm4:47 pm4:54 pm4:57 pm5:02 pm--
--4:31 pm4:33 pm4:37 pm4:47 pm4:54 pm4:59 pm5:06 pm5:09 pm5:14 pm--
--4:43 pm4:45 pm4:49 pm4:59 pm5:06 pm5:11 pm5:18 pm5:21 pm5:26 pm--
--4:55 pm4:57 pm5:01 pm5:11 pm5:18 pm5:23 pm5:30 pm5:33 pm5:38 pm--
--5:07 pm5:09 pm5:13 pm5:23 pm5:30 pm5:35 pm5:42 pm5:45 pm5:50 pm--
--5:19 pm5:21 pm5:25 pm5:35 pm5:42 pm5:47 pm5:54 pm5:57 pm6:02 pm--
--5:31 pm5:33 pm5:37 pm5:47 pm5:54 pm5:59 pm6:06 pm6:09 pm6:14 pm--
--5:43 pm5:45 pm5:49 pm5:59 pm6:06 pm6:11 pm6:18 pm6:21 pm6:26 pm--
--5:56 pm5:58 pm6:02 pm6:11 pm6:18 pm6:23 pm6:30 pm6:33 pm6:38 pm--
--6:09 pm6:11 pm6:15 pm6:24 pm6:31 pm6:36 pm6:43 pm6:46 pm6:51 pm--
--6:22 pm6:24 pm6:28 pm6:37 pm6:44 pm6:49 pm6:56 pm6:59 pm7:04 pm--
--6:37 pm6:39 pm6:43 pm6:52 pm6:59 pm7:04 pm7:11 pm7:14 pm7:19 pm--
--6:53 pm6:55 pm6:59 pm7:08 pm7:15 pm7:19 pm7:26 pm7:29 pm7:34 pm--
--7:09 pm7:10 pm7:14 pm7:23 pm7:30 pm7:34 pm7:41 pm7:44 pm7:49 pm--
--7:24 pm7:25 pm7:29 pm7:38 pm7:45 pm7:49 pm7:56 pm7:59 pm8:04 pm--
--7:39 pm7:40 pm7:44 pm7:53 pm8:00 pm8:04 pm8:11 pm8:14 pm8:19 pm--
--7:47 pm7:48 pm7:52 pm8:01 pm8:08 pm8:12 pm8:19 pm8:22 pm8:27 pm8:30 pm
--7:59 pm8:00 pm8:04 pm8:13 pm8:20 pm8:24 pm8:31 pm8:34 pm8:39 pm--
--8:05 pm8:06 pm8:10 pm8:19 pm8:25 pm8:29 pm8:36 pm8:39 pm8:44 pm8:47 pm
--8:19 pm8:20 pm8:24 pm8:33 pm8:39 pm8:43 pm8:50 pm8:53 pm8:58 pm--
--8:39 pm8:40 pm8:44 pm8:53 pm8:59 pm9:03 pm9:10 pm9:13 pm9:18 pm--
--9:00 pm9:01 pm9:05 pm9:14 pm9:20 pm9:24 pm9:31 pm9:34 pm9:39 pm--
--9:21 pm9:22 pm9:26 pm9:35 pm9:41 pm9:45 pm9:52 pm9:55 pm10:00 pm--
--9:42 pm9:43 pm9:47 pm9:56 pm10:02 pm10:06 pm10:13 pm10:16 pm10:21 pm--
--10:03 pm10:04 pm10:08 pm10:16 pm10:22 pm10:26 pm10:33 pm10:36 pm10:41 pm--
--10:24 pm10:25 pm10:29 pm10:37 pm10:43 pm10:47 pm10:54 pm10:57 pm11:02 pm--
--10:45 pm10:46 pm10:50 pm10:58 pm11:04 pm11:08 pm11:15 pm11:18 pm11:23 pm--
--11:06 pm11:07 pm11:11 pm11:19 pm11:25 pm11:29 pm11:36 pm11:39 pm11:44 pm--
--11:26 pm11:27 pm11:31 pm11:40 pm11:46 pm11:50 pm11:57 pm12:00 am12:05 am12:08 am