FINAL UPDATE: All lines have returned to their normal routes except the 18. The 18 will continue to reroute until 4 p.m. (More: 19 in last 48 hours)

NOWL OWL JUDAH Inbound to Downtown Sunday Service

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Inbound to DowntownOutbound to Ocean Beach
Weekday ServiceWeekday Service
Saturday ServiceSaturday Service
Sunday ServiceSunday Service
NOWL OWL JUDAH - Inbound to Downtown - Sunday Service
Table below shows selected stops and planned service.
For a complete stop list, with links to all stops for stop details and real-time vehicle predictions, please visit Stops/Description section of route page.
Judah /
la Playa /
ocean Beach
Judah St
& 19th Ave
Fillmore St
& Haight St
Church St
& Duboce Ave
Market St
& South Van Ness Ave
Steuart St
& Mission St
Townsend St
& 5th St
12:20 am12:28 am12:40 am12:42 am12:47 am12:58 am1:06 am
12:50 am12:58 am1:10 am1:12 am1:17 am1:28 am1:36 am
1:20 am1:28 am1:40 am1:42 am1:47 am1:58 am2:06 am
1:50 am1:58 am2:10 am2:12 am2:17 am2:28 am2:36 am
2:20 am2:28 am2:40 am2:42 am2:47 am2:58 am3:06 am
2:50 am2:58 am3:10 am3:12 am3:17 am3:28 am3:36 am
3:20 am3:28 am3:40 am3:42 am3:47 am3:58 am4:06 am
3:50 am3:58 am4:10 am4:12 am4:17 am4:28 am4:36 am
4:20 am4:28 am4:40 am4:42 am4:47 am4:58 am5:06 am
4:50 am4:58 am5:10 am5:12 am5:17 am5:28 am5:36 am
5:20 am5:28 am5:40 am5:42 am5:47 am5:58 am6:06 am