FINAL UPDATE: Plymouth/Farallones cleared. IB/OB 54 Felton has resumed regular route through the area. (More: 19 in last 48 hours)

Fulton St & 18th Ave (#17721)

Stop Advisories

  • Chinese New Year Parade this Saturday, 2/4. Downtown Muni service will have reroutes.

Route & Arrival Details


24-hour service daily

Destination Predicted Arrivals
5 Fulton Market + Seventh Street Prediction unavailable
5 Fulton Market and 4th St. Prediction unavailable
5 Fulton Transit Center Prediction unavailable

Fulton Rapid

Weekdays 7am to 7pm

Destination Predicted Arrivals
5R Fulton Rapid Market and 4th St. Prediction unavailable
5R Fulton Rapid Transit Center Prediction unavailable
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