ATTN: IB #FMarket delayed on Market btwn 7th and 6th due to a passenger on a bus needing medical attention. (More: 16 in last 48 hours)

Powell St & Filbert St (#16054)

Stop Advisories

  • Service frequency info at or call 311

Route & Arrival Details


5am - 12 midnight daily

Destination Predicted Arrivals
8 Bayshore City College Prediction unavailable

Bayshore B Express

Weekdays. Northbound: 6:30-10am. Southbound: 3:30-7:30pm.

Destination Predicted Arrivals
8BX Bayshore B Express City College Prediction unavailable


9am to 7pm daily

Destination Predicted Arrivals
39 Coit Coit Tower Prediction unavailable
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