Transit Employee Appreciation Day

Transit Employee Appreciation Day is March 18. Today, we take a moment to recognize and appreciate the dedicated hard work of the thousands of people who keep San Francisco moving: operators and station agents, maintenance and security staff, cleaners and ambassadors and engineers and too many skilled and talented professions to name. The creativity, collaboration, and commitment Muni staff bring to their work moves hundreds of thousands of people every day – connecting us all to work, school, doctors’ appointments, communities and culture. Our transit employees get you where you need to go, keeping cars off our roads and pollution out of our air. They keep San Francisco moving – and their work makes San Francisco a better place to live, work and play. 

Show our transit employees some love by saying thank you when you see them today – and every day! You can also send a virtual shout-out or share a feel-good story you've had with Muni workers below. 

SFMTA Transit Employees