FINAL UPDATE: Illegally parked auto removed from scene. The Powell Cable Car lines have resumed regular service. (More: 21 in last 48 hours)

Transit Operator Appreciation Day 2023

Transit Operator Appreciation Day is March 18. Today, we take a moment to recognize and appreciate the folks who continue to keep San Francisco moving. Too often, their hard work to ensure riders get where they need to go safely goes unrecognized. Every day Muni operators connect us to communities, work/school, appointments, gatherings with loved ones, and all other adventures across the city!

Show your operator some love by saying thank you when exiting today or any other day works as well! You can also send a virtual shout-out to an operator or share a feel-good story you've had with an operator below. 

Collage of various Muni transit operators to celebrate Transit operator appreciation day