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44 Owl trips shown as "Forest Hill" only go as far as Glen Park

Service Affected
Route(s) Affected

What doesn't work

44 Owl trips (12:30 AM to 5:00 AM) are shown on stop pages and shelter displays as going to Forest Hill. They actually only go as far as Glen Park, to Bosworth St & Diamond St (#13695)

If the Trip Planner gives you a trip involving the inbound / eastbound 44, it will wrongly report Forest Hill as the final destination of the 44 bus itself.

What works

The Trip Planner will correctly take you by way of the 44 if your eastbound destination is at or before the Glen Park neighborhood. If your destination is near Forest Hill, it will correctly use other routes to get you there.

The 44 inbound schedules correctly show Bosworth St & Diamond St (#13695) as the last stop for 44 Owl trips.

Why this happened

The stop pages and trip planner show "Forest Hill" in place of "Glen Park" because of a data error. We will remove this message as soon as practical once the issue is resolved. We regret the inconvenience.