FINAL UPDATE: #FMarket cleared at Beach and Jones. Regular service resuming. Expect rolling delays. (More: 2 in last 48 hours)

48 24th Street Reroute in Noe Valley

Temporary, Until Further Notice

Service Affected
Weekend Traffic and Transit Advisory
Neighborhoods Affected
Starting Saturday, May 15, 2021, customers in the wesbound direction (to West Portal) may request service to Hoffman and Fountain streets.

Starting Saturday, August 22, 2020, Muni is rerouting the 48 24th Street in Noe Valley.

Reroute Map

Map of 48 reroute through Diamond Heights and Noe Valley. From 24th St going west, the reroute will go south on Diamond St, west on Clipper St to Portola Drive. From Portola Drive going east, the reroute will turn onto Clipper St, north on Diamond St and right onto 24th St.

Reroute Description

In the westbound direction from 24th Street, the reroute will turn left on Diamond, right on Clipper, left on Portola to the regular route. By request, before the reroute, service will continue west on 24th Street, left on Hoffman, right on 25th St, right on Fountain, right on 24th St and right on Diamond to the reroute.
In the eastbound direction from Portola, the reroute will turn right on Clipper, left on Diamond, right on 24th Street to the regular route.

Temporary Stop Changes

Along the reroute, the 48 24th Street will serve these Muni stops.

To Potrero Hill

To West Portal