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February 25 Service Changes

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This February we’re launching a few minor service changes aimed at improving on-time performance, reducing crowding and managing the impacts of major construction projects currently underway. Read our blog post for a more in-depth look at these service changes, or see below for a brief summary. 

60-foot 5R Fulton RapidCrowding initiatives

Service will be added on busy, over-crowded lines, and reduced on lines with extra capacity:

Increased frequency: 8AX AM/PM peaks, 25 (extending PM peak), 29 AM peak

Reduced frequency to improve service efficiency: 7X AM peak, 8BX PM peak, 14X AM peak, 82X PM peak, F line. Specifically, the F line will be slightly reduced in the morning and afternoon to address terminal crowding and unreliablity.

More capacity: Good news, we’re adding 60-foot buses to the 5 Fulton! This service improvement follows 60-foot buses on the 5R Rapid last year and comes in advance of street improvements along McAllister later this year.

28R route change28R 19th Avenue Rapid Service Changes:

We’re adding a new stop for the 28R at 19th/Noriega. Now even more Sunset residents will have access to North/South Rapid service!

We’re also slightly modifying the southern portion of the route. The last stop will now be Balboa Park Station at Geneva/San Jose. For Muni Access between Balboa Park and Geneva/Mission, board the 8 Bayshore or 43 Masonic.

New stops, removed stops or moved stops:

We’re rolling out a handful of stop changes to improve route efficiency and travel time on the following lines:*

  • 5 Fulton/5R Fulton Rapid: Relocating the inbound Masonic stop from the nearside to the farside of the intersection.
  • 5 Fulton Owl and 7X Noriega Express: Discontinuing the stops at Golden Gate/Hyde & Golden Gate/Jones and moving the existing 5 Owl stop at Golden Gate/Leavenworth to the farside of the intersection for use by the 5 Owl and 7X.
  • 10 Townsend: Discontinuing the inbound and outbound stops at 2nd/Folsom .
  • 12 Folsom/Pacific: Discontinuing the outbound stop at 2nd/Folsom .
  • 27 Bryant: Discontinuing the outbound stops at Bryant/13th and Bryant/Alameda. Establishing a new stop at Bryant/Division.
  • 48 Quintara-24th: Moving the outbound Quintara/43rd stop from the farside of the intersection to the nearside.
  • L Taraval and L Owl: Eight L Taraval stops will be discontinued as one part of the L Taraval Rapid Project to improve travel time and reliability. These include inbound and outbound stops on Taraval at 28th and Ulloa at 15th, the inbound stop at Taraval/24th, and outbound stops on Taraval at 17th, 22nd and 35th.

*Please note an earlier email went out denoting stop changes for the 30, 30X, 45 and 91. There will be no stop changes on those lines at this time.