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January 20 Service Change to Include Stop Change on 58 Lake Merced

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To improve reliability and travel time on the 58 Lake Merced, the route will no longer stop at Sunset Boulevard & Lake Merced Boulevard in either direction, effective January 20, 2024. 

Riders can still use the stops at Sunset Boulevard and Ocean Avenue, which are about a two-minute walk (less than 500 feet) from these stops. 

Closely-spaced stops slow down buses and can hurt reliability across the route. Additionally, the existing stops lack level, paved pathways in both directions and have poor connectivity to nearby streets. Stops at Sunset Boulevard and Ocean Avenue, however, are wheelchair accessible and have seating.  

The SFMTA has developed detailed policies on stop locations as well as processes for both analyzing the impacts of potential stop removals and gathering feedback from affected individuals. This stop is not a unique point for destinations like shopping, schools, senior centers or transfers to other lines and riders can still use the stop at Sunset Boulevard and Ocean Avenue.

In August, we removed the stops at Sunset Boulevard and Lake Merced Boulevard from the 29 Sunset line to improve reliability and travel times. Based on that successful implementation, we are bringing this change to the 58 Lake Merced route as well. 


Brian Haagsman

Public Information Officer