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Design Strategy and Delivery

General Description

The CSO Design Strategy and Delivery Section employs a collaborative, data-driven, and iterative human-centered design process. Leading and supporting mission-critical internal and external work streams and projects, the team creates unique solutions to the most difficult challenges confronting the SFMTA. This consulting group provides program development, management, and implementation services for major Agency initiatives, as well as an in-depth review and perspective of organizational and business systems designed to maximize the SFMTA's effectiveness. Team members manage numerous key strategic projects and policy initiatives, fostering alignment across different divisions and units. Uncertain issues are given structure, leading to changes in policies, systems, processes, and procedures. 





- Program Delivery 

- 2016 Project Delivery Framework Implementation 

- 2021 CON Project Delivery Audit Recommendations 

- Fare Evasion Task Force 

- National Transit Adaptation Strategy - Phase I (Futures) 

- National Transit Adaptation Strategy - Phase II (Personas) 

- National Transit Adaptation Strategy - Phase III (Messaging) 

- National Transit Adaptation Strategy - Phase IV (Model) 

- Transportation 2050 - Community Survey 

- Transportation 2050 - GO Bond Program 



- Program Management 

- Cable Car Capital Program Development 

- SFMTA GIS Program Implementation 

- Transportation 2050 - Development Revenue 

- Transportation 2050 - Revenue Measures 

- Transportation 2050 - State & Federal 


Agency Service 

- Design Based Research 


Transportation 2050