Government Operations

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General Description 

The CSO Government Operations Section promotes efficient SFMTA government operations by developing, coordinating, and implementing policy effectively. The team encourages efficiency and process improvements through research, complex management analysis, and data development; and strengthening the SFMTA's capacity and effectiveness through administrative support services to major programs, task forces and projects across the agency. 




- Agency Service 

- Public Works/MTA Coordination 

- Program Management 

- Updated MTAB Calendar Item Templates 

- SFMTA Contracts Task Force 

- CIP Equity Analysis & Data Review 

- Agencywide Vacancy Review & Performance Management 



- Program Management 

- SFMTA Agency Data Plan 

- SFMTA Strategic Advisor Class Series (1370 Series) 

- SFMTA Program Manager Class Series (5500 Series) 


Agency Service 

- Agency Research and Data Support Services 

- Agency Administrative Analysis Support Services 

- Agencywide As-Needed Contract Portfolio



Systems and Process (Overseen by Leda Young)

Policy and Data Development (Overseen by Jim Morrill)