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Payroll is a part of HR Operations

Our responsiblities

  • Set Up and Maintainance of Employee Pay Data: Personal data, job data, federal, state tax information, general and benefit deductions, premium pays, and direct deposits
  • Collection of time and attendance data: Controls and security
  • Time and attendance processing: Time and Attendance recording; Time and Attendance certification; Time and Attendance reporting; Adjustments and Corrections
  • Processing payroll: Correcting a payroll error; Calculating and producing pay; Pay confirmation; Reports, checks, advices
  • Off-scheduled payroll processing: Manual checks
  • Underpayments/Overpayments processing: Check cancellations/ reissues Labor Distribution: Interface with FAMIS Cost Accounting System
  • Regulatory compliance and administration: MOU mandated pay and benefits; Fair Labor standards Act
  • Reporting, Records retention: Federal and local requirements; Disseminates salary data and pay history information and other proprietary information via fax or phone
  • Payroll Services: Provide phone, window and e-mail assistance; Maintain SFMTA Payroll web page with current guidelines & procedures; Post processing schedule on website