Project Management Office (PMO)

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SFMTA Project Management Office 

The SFMTA Project Management Office (PMO) supports the effective execution of all SFMTA projects, by maintaining a shared project culture, agency-wide and uniform process, and defining metrics for the SFMTA’s complete capital portfolio. This includes transit infrastructure, street safety and traffic signal, building, transit fleet procurement and technology projects. The PMO aims to consistently enhance way the SFMTA delivers projects and programs through process improvements, procedure modernization/standardization and enhancing project management expertise. The PMO encourages the development of internal project management knowledge and experience through cooperation across functional and technical groups in order to achieve the aim of world-class delivery. 



- Program Delivery 

- PMO 6-Month Plan Development & Implementation 

- PM Position Review & Approval 



- Program Management 

- SFMTA Project Management Training 

- Agency Service 

- Program/Project Delivery Procedures/SOP 

- Program/Project Delivery Process Mod 

- MTA Capital Program Portfolio Monitoring 

- SFMTA Project Delivery TAC Coordination