Shelter and Platform Maintenance

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General Description 

The CSO Shelter & Platform Maintenance Section oversees the maintenance of bus shelters and rail platforms, advertising and revenue generation from SFMTA assets. The service is managed as an enterprise public-private partnership in which the SFMTA and its partners raise revenue through advertising on SFMTA assets, with those dollars being re-invested in the Muni rider’s customer experience. The team works in partnership with the SFMTA in communications, operations, safety and security as well as partners across the City and County of San Francisco to manage city assets on sidewalks. 




- Program Delivery 

- Transit Shelter Re-Fresh Campaign 

- Transit Shelter Maintenance 



- Program Management 

- Parking Garage Advertising Program Enhancements 

- Transit Shelter Maintenance System 

- Agency Service 

Transit Shelter Maintenance Performance Management 




- Transit Shelter Program (overseen by Victor Hill)

- Vehicle Fleet Advertising (overseen by Beth Halverson)


Additional Services

Request New Transit Shelter

Request Transit Shelter Maintenance


Lisa Ising

Superintendent - Shelter & Platform Maintenance