Disabled Placard Misuse Hearings

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Placard misuse occurs when a driver is found having parked while displaying a Disabled Parking (DP) placard authorized for someone else. A citation may be issued to the driver when there is no evidence that the authorized placard holder had been present in the vehicle before the vehicle was parked. In addition to a very large fine for placard misuse (over $800), vehicles may be towed when a placard previously reported lost or stolen is found displayed in a vehicle parked on the streets of San Francisco. 

If you have been cited for placard misuse and/or if your vehicle has been towed related to DP placard misuse, and you would like to protest the citation and/or tow, you may do so in person, by video conference, by phone or by mail. In person placard misuse hearings must be scheduled in advance unless your vehicle is still impounded. Hearings for the owners of currently impounded vehicles may request immediate hearings at the Customer Service Center, 11 South Van Ness in San Francisco. Contact the Hearing Section at hearingsgeneral@sfmta.com or call us at 415.646.2016.

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