Parking with a Disabled Placard

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Disabled Placards

With a properly displayed disabled placard or disabled license plate (including one issued by a different state or country) you may park in any of the following zones, so long as the person to whom the placard is issued is being transported:

  • Blue zones
  • General metered parking zones without paying
  • Green zones
  • Residential Permit Parking areas
  • Areas with posted time limits (e.g. a one-hour zone in a business district)

However, a disabled placard does not allow you to park in the following times or places:

  • No-parking, no-stopping or other red zones
  • During street-cleaning hours
  • During posted commercial loading hours (look for signs, yellow curb, or yellow or red meters)
  • During posted passenger loading hours (look for signs or white curb)
  • During posted commuter tow-away hours (check for tow-away signs within 100 feet in both directions of a parking space)
  • For more than 72 hours in any space.

A disabled placard does NOT exempt the vehicle from all other citation and/or tow-away rules and restrictions.