Scooter-Related Violation Hearings, Scooter Permit Issues & Moped Infractions

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Operators who have been permitted to conduct a Powered Scooter Share Program in the city risk being issued an infraction if a powered scooter in this Program is parked, left standing or unattended on any sidewalk or public right-of-way under the jurisdiction of the SFMTA or Public Works, or if the operator is in violation of conditions of their permit, or if the operation lacks a current permit. Similar infractions may pertain to operators of electric “moped” (aka motorized bicycles) permits.

Citations Issued to Operators

Administrative citations are issued to the operators, not the actual riders. The citation text references how to request an administrative hearing to contest the citation. Usually, these citations will require that a request for a hearing must be filed with the SFMTA within 15 days of the date of the citation in order for the request to be timely. Parties wishing to protest such citations, contact the Hearing Section at or call us at 415.646.2016.

Permit Applications

Companies that intend to file for scooter share permits must follow the SFMTA’s listed guidelines when the scooter permit application period is commenced. Scooter share permit applications that have been denied (or revoked) by the SFMTA are subject to being reviewed on request by an administrative hearing officer, following Transportation Code, Div. II, Sec. 916. Parties wishing to protest the SFMTA’s denial of Scooter Share operation permits, contact the Hearing Section at or call us at 415.646.2016.