Public Hearings Facilitation

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The Hearing Section regularly provides hearing officers who act as facilitators for various public hearings scheduled by the SFMTA, usually in conjunction with the Agency’s traffic engineering and planning department, as well as public hearings related to changes in the city’s colored curbs and street markings that regulate street parking. These hearings were held in public hearing rooms at City Hall prior to the onset of the Pandemic in March, 2020. At the present time, these hearings are still being held via video conference.

Engineering hearings

Notices of the SFMTA hearings are publicized on our webpages and through other media. In response the SFMTA often receives comments in advance about the topics from interested parties who may want to attend the hearings and voice their concerns. The role of the hearing officer as facilitator in this process is to help arrange the order of the topics of interest that have already raised comments, and then to help manage the order of comments by the public as they appear in the video conference.

If your SFMTA department needs help facilitating a public hearing for the Agency, contact the Hearing Section at or call us at 415.646.2016.