Taxi and Motor Vehicles for Hire Hearings

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In San Francisco the private taxi industry is governed, licensed and regulated by the Taxis, Access & Mobility Services Department of the SFMTA. Taxi drivers in the city are required to be actively licensed to drive by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, to have a current annual permit to drive in San Francisco (“A-Card”), to drive their taxi under the umbrella of a specific taxi Medallion and must qualify as a full-time driver as that term is understood by the applicable regulations.

Notices of Nonrenewal

When taxi drivers fail to abide by each of the Taxi Services driving regulations, they may receive a Notice of Nonrenewal regarding their permit to drive or may be issued an Administrative Complaint that identifies some violation of taxi operation requirements found in the Transportation Code.

If you have been given a Notice of Nonrenewal or have been cited for a taxi-related violation and would like to protest the violation, contact the Hearing Section at or call us at 415.646.2016. Hearings may be scheduled via video conference, by phone, by mail, or may be scheduled in-person by request.